Night Fox – Comic Post #110: The Second Test Pg. 14, 15, and 16

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Well Relnia didn’t last long… I wouldn’t have even added her to the comic were it not for the fact that I really wanted to incorporate the phrase “work the shaft” in while someone was being impaled through the mouth with a spear, and I was already super set on how Judith was going to be killing Char and Greever. Also, I resisted the urge to be super edgy and call Judith’s memory siphoning spell Mind Rape even though that’s like literally what’s she is doing to Char… You know, because until this point, NOTHING in this comic was edgy or try hard AT ALL… Especially the telepathic head explosion that just happened on the proceeding page. Absolutely nothing edgy about that… 😛

Anywho, another multi-pager starting next week. This time, we’re going to be taking a look at what Angel has been doing on her assignment. You know, because people cared about that, and this comic in general… Like I said earlier, it’s not going to be too long of a comic, so we should be able to keep the story moving quicker. And FYI, more expositional comics in the coming weeks, so get ready for S**T TONS OF TALKING! Because that TOTALLY makes for a good comic series…

Anyways, I’m done spouting words, so I’ll just see you next comic.


Night Fox – Comic Post #110: The Second Test Pg. 13

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Given the nature of the last 3 pages of the comic, I decided to get them all done ahead of schedule and post them all in one update next week. Spoiler Alert: Judith is going to clean house. And then after that update, it’s going to be another multi-paged comic. I originally wasn’t going to have a multi-pager one after another, but given the fact that that side project I was doing had plot details that were relevant to the main comic, and I just sort of, GAVE UP on the side project… I’m moving that stuff to the main comic and trying to condense the more important story beats to make it quicker to go through in the comic. It definitely is going to be the shortest multi-pager so far, so it shouldn’t take more than 4 updates to finish up, and I’m going to try to have multiple pages ready per update, so hopefully it should be done even faster than that. And with that quick little update out of the way, I’ll see you next comic.

Art Post – Metroid: Samus Returns Hype!

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Samus Returns 9-15-17

I know this isn’t what I usually post, and it has been a while since I’ve posted just random artwork on the blog, but with the fact that a new Metroid game was coming out and the fact that I hadn’t really drawn anything aside from the comic in a while sort of inspired me. So, in honor of the Return of Samus’s release, and the fact that I am a pretty big Metroid fanboy, I decided to draw some fanart of Samus. Fun fact, this is actually the first piece of fanart I’ve ever drawn. Why it took me until I was 24, I have no idea. Also, oh dear god, I just realized I’ve been 24 for a month now, which to be fair, could be much worse… I could be 25…

At any rate, the whole thing actually took a lot less time than I expected it would, maybe only about 11 hours of total work. Probably the most time consuming part was doing the outline to her gun and heels. I know, I could’ve just drawn the Zero Suit design that didn’t have the rocket heels… But I’m one of those few people who didn’t mind her getting them in Smash Bros and thought that they were kind of badass (they did make her pretty damn close to S-Tier in Smash 4 after all), so I decided to just suck it up and draw them. Overall, I’m very pleased with how she turned out, which is pretty rare for me, considering I always tend to pick apart pretty much all of my artwork whenever I finish a picture, so the fact that isn’t the case here might just lead to me doing more art like this in the future. Though, who can really say for certain at the moment…

Also, second fun fact time: You may notice I draw Kitsiyuna with a similar face and hair style to Samus (well, at least with the way how I draw Samus anyways, they’re supposed to look similar). That was very much a deliberate choice on my part when I finalized Kitsiyuna’s design for the comic. Me being the big fanboy that I am, decided to take Samus’s physical appearance and use it as a basis for Kitsiyuna’s design (you know, before I added her kitsune features and what not). So Kitsiyuna having long blonde hair styled the way it is in addition to her being very tall, especially for a girl, and fairly muscular is a result of me being inspired by Samus’s design, who in the cannon of Metroid is also supposed to be pretty tall (pretty sure anyways, I could be talking out of my ass…), and who I would also assume is supposed to be pretty muscular as well. The more you know!

At any rate, I’ve rambled enough here. I would spend some time talking about Samus Returns, but as of the time of me typing this post, I haven’t actually been able to pick up my copy yet. The comic for next week is going to be on time Wednesday at 11AM Eastern, give or take a couple of minutes depending on how distracted I get when it comes time for me to actually post it (I don’t trust the schedule a post thing on WordPress to work properly, so I post manually). With all of that out of the way, I have nothing else to really say right now, so until then, I’ll see you next mission post.