Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #1

I’m drifting back into the “I’m bored and I can and this is also my blog, so I can post whatever the hell I want” phase. WHICH MEANS IT’S TIME FOR MORE ARTZ! :O

Kitsi Semi-Color

It’s a picture of Kitsiyuna… again. Were you expecting someone new? TOO BAD, I’M POSTING ANOTHER PICTURE OF HER! Of course, this one is from the front… which makes it totally acceptable! Which shouldn’t even matter… It’s my blog. I don’t care what you think of my posting habits. I’m going to slam my head against my keyboard now and keep whatever random nonsense I get in my post. uv yjhnuf ujyhgrtfvbfd (my keyboard apparently won’t register multiple keys getting hit at the same time, so that’s the best I could manage. No 500 words of gibberish for you…)

Any who, because I’m retreading old ground here, I figure I’ll give you a character bio on Kitsiyuna, ’cause why not! (You can expect these for a couple of the other characters in the future, also ’cause why not.)

Name – Kitsiyuna (Duh… Though if you are curious about the origins of the name, I took kitsune, hacked off a couple of letters, then added an I, then stuck that in front of Yuna, which is Okinawan for night. You pronuce it kit-see-you-nah, or gargelstemel if you are mentally retarded and illiterate)

Age – An age… (I actually don’t have a set age for her yet. I just say she is at least 800, but she’s supposed to look and act like she’s 23ish…)

Birthday – A date… (No idea when her birthday would be. And I have no plans on giving her a set one for now, so I’m going to say August 400th :P)

Personality – Okay, I’m actually going to give you a real answer here. Kitsiyuna, in playing with the nature of kitsunes as being mischievous, is well, mischievous. She’s snarky with Alex and always has a snappy remark for his snappy remarks (he is pretty snarky too, which often leads to this never-ending cycle of them trying to out sarcasm the other one). Despite her age, she is also a little irresponsible at times, but she always means well. Compared to Alex (who’s bio I WILL get to at another date), she has a much stronger moral compass and always tries to do the right thing, often times serving as a sort of moral fiber for him, making him do good things. When she’s hunting down bad spirits for Night Fox, she does so with a thrill for battle, and enjoys having a good fight on her hands, though she isn’t at the point where she actively seeks fights out for fun. And, despite half of the stuff I just said, she still exhibits a degree of  maturity that reflects her true age, looking out for Alex whenever he needs emotional support (that he will never admit he needs) and keeping him out of danger when he gets into situations that are way over his head (which is a lot of the time. Alex does have a habit of biting off more than he can chew… His bio is going to have a lot of redundancy in it when I get to it…).

Backstory – A COMPLETE MYSTERY! Not because of spoiler reasons… well, kind of because of spoiler reasons… but because she has been suffering from amnesia. Though, in the time frame the web comic would actually happen, she knows everything she needs to know about herself, except for her past… which is part of her character motivation, to find out who she was… so maybe not exactly EVERYTHING… Anyway, while recovering from her newly acquired amnesia (which I’m also not going to tell you how she got), Kitsiyuna was busy hiding out in some woods near where Alex lived. While investigating rumors about a kitsune living near him, Alex sought her out. When they ended up meeting each other, Alex decided to “take her in under his wing”, and EVENTUALLY, the two ended up bonding with one another. Then a couple of months later, the web comic ACTUALLY starts. “In media res” one might say…

Abilities – Is a skilled martial artist, can create and manipulate fire, is capable of shapeshifting, and can do a couple of other things I’m not going to get into because *SPOILER ALERT!* it involves spoilers.

Out of Context Quotes (because why not) –

“The fact that you aren’t taking any precautions right now means I HAVE to stick around incase something happens to you.”

“Sometimes Alex, I swear you’re an intelligent person. Other times… I swear you’re a dumbass.”

“So in addition to being your chauffeur, I’m also your answering machine now…?”

And there you have it. A character bio on Kitsiyuna, give or take a couple of, very small… major and important plot details. Did you find it informative? If so, send me 20 gazillion dollars for no real reason. If you didn’t find it informative, still send me that money because I AM BROKE. And if you want some actual, LEGITIMATE, info (because I can just tell SO MANY of you guys care about this stuff..), actually ask me and I’ll probably answer you… I do get bored on a regular basis after all…


Class Assignment 4 – What is Fair to Use?

Link to the guy in question:

Basically, Shepard Fairey is the guy who made the hope posters for Obama. He has faced some legal issues in regards to just how he made the posters. The posters were based on a photo taken by someone else that he then modified into the poster, and didn’t end up giving credit or compensation to the guy who took the picture.

So what do I think this issue is about? In my most humble, and TOTALLY correct opinion, I think it is an issue with when is something considered fair use, (hence the title, which I actually decided one before I even figured out what I thought the main issue was) and maybe in addition, when a piece of art is transformative (enough changes had been made) enough to be considered “not copying”.

In this situation, was the work transformative enough? Considering when Fairey went to court on this issue, he actually lied about what picture he ended up using as a basis for the hope posters, and when they found out what he had actually used as his base, they said the hope posters looked a lot more similar. Now, having not seen the original photo, I can’t tell how similar they were, but, based of the fact that the guy actually lied about what picture he used leads me to believe THAT NOT EVEN HE HAD THOUGHT HE HAD DONE ENOUGH TO MAKE A TRANSFORMATIVE PIECE (fun fact: spell check doesn’t consider transformative a word…).

So that pretty much leaves it to a matter of being fair use or not. In my opinion, photos, unlike stuff like paintings and drawings, are not immediately off limits for fair use. I imagine it kind of like this: You take a picture of a wall. A friend of yours takes a picture of the exact same wall and by sheer freakish coincidence, manages to take it at the exact same angle and lighting conditions that they end up with the same picture as yours. Basically, to me, photos are a much easier thing to reproduce than other art forms, that and the fact that there isn’t as much originality to them in the first place. All photos are of objects that are already out there in the world, and two separate people can spontaneous generate the same idea independent of one another and decide to take a picture of the same subject and in the end they would end up with similar photos, where as to separate sketch artists did a similar thing, their pictures would be WAY DIFFERENT (for this little thought experiment anyways. Some people do have very similar art styles…).

So what does all that rambling add up to? There’s a grey area, simple as that. Without knowing just how little effort he put into his poster, I can’t make a more informed decision. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he probably did enough, though at the very least he could’ve given the photographer credit if he was willing to admit he used a photo as a base in the first place.

There are my thoughts on the issue, and with that all out of the way, can I just point out how hilariously ironic I find that the guy’s last name is “Fair”ey and he ends up in a legal debacle over “fair” use? What’s that…? You’re saying that’s not actually irony right there? WELL WHO ASKED YOU THEN!? THIS IS MY BLOG AND I’M GONNA SAY IT’S IRONIC! 😡

Class Assignment 3 – Is the Internet Making Us Crazy?

Here’s the page in question:

Now I’m not going to lie to you… I did not read that entire article. But I feel that I can say, in confidence, I know exactly what was being said in it word for word. How can I be confident about that? …………..moving on…

So my thoughts on the internet’s growing “stranglehold” on all aspects of our pathetic meat-baggy lives…. ALL HAIL OUR NEW INTERNET OVERLORD! KILL ALL WHO OPPOSE IT! KILL! KILLLLLLLLL! …. Yeah, I do think it could start to be a problem somewhere along the lines. Basically, the way I see the internet, it sort of exaggerates us in a way. Like, it makes the smart people smarter, as it allows them access to information ridiculously fast as well as spread new information just as fast. But, on the other side of that same coin, it allows the idiots out there to get dumber. That 10 hour loop of Nyah Cat you want to see? On YouTube. Go waste all 10 of those hours accomplishing nothing as you watch a half cat half Pop-Tart poop rainbows. The cynic in me says that most of the people on the internet are unfortunately part of the later group.

The thing is, we just can’t fix the internet to make it stop making us dumber/more insane, as it is in our human nature. The net didn’t start off as a land of dumb jokes, memes, obsessing over likes, and poking strangers you barely know. We as humans kind of, at least in my opinion, are naturally predisposed to just go in that direct as we get more advanced. After all, technological advances only really improve the more intelligent, where as it merely stirs the pot with the dumber people…

I think that gives a cursory view of how I feel on the issue without me going overboard. Now I bet you’re wondering: which of those two groups do I consider myself in? Well…

I don't know the context. Even with the context, I'm sure this makes absolutely no sense.

I don’t know the context. Even with the context, I’m sure this makes absolutely no sense.

I find images like this one I just posted to be both hilarious, and well worth the 20 minutes it took to track down on KnowYourMemes and post on my blog. That should tell you all you need to know on where I stand…

Introductory Art Post

A thought occurred to me: I’ve had this blog running for more than a week now and I haven’t posted anything just for the heck of it. That changes now! At 3:00 at night… And I wonder why I often have difficulty getting up before 10…

So, for this first “optional” post, I’ll post some of my art! Yeah! Because this blog is totally going to be a better place for that than DeviantArt… Alex and Kitsiyuna Rough Color

What exactly is this a picture of you may ask? This is actually related to the web comic I’ve been planning since the start of the month. These two are going to be the main characters. He’s Grumpy, and she’s Foxy! XD Sarcasm is hard to convey through text, but I am kidding about their names. The guy’s name is Alex Haser, and the girl’s name is Kitsiyuna. They are two Spirit Hunters who work for Night Fox, a small company that hunts down evil ghosts and spirits for profit. And by small, I mean they are the only two who work there. Also, Night Fox is going to be the name of the comic. Also, also, Kitsiyuna is a spirit herself. What kind? A kitsune. What’s a kitsune? Obligatory Wikipedia link ahead: Didn’t read it and want a paraphrase? She’s a fox spirit. You did read it? Then I gave you a refresher. Also, also, also (this particular paragraph of my post works better if you read it faster. Re-read back to this point in such a manner for the added effect) Alex is not a spirit. What is he? He’s a human. Then why does he have red eyes? That’s just eyeist. Is that an actual word? No. Am I dragging this on longer than I need to? No. Seriously? Absolutely, I need to stop…

But yeah… there’s my first of what I assume to be many art posts that I assume will one day end up taking over this blog (AND MURDER IT IN COLD BLOOD THEN HIDE THE BODY AFTER STUFFING IT FULL OF ALL THE DOODLES AND SKETCHES I DO IN MY CLASSES THAT I HOPE MY TEACHERS DON’T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT TO NOTICE). The drawing is bit on the rough side I know, but I didn’t want to stay up an extra couple of hours doing a “proper” shading, (one of the reasons this is going up at 3 in the morning) so I just colored over my original drawing while still making it so you can see the original lines, to make it look “fancier”… But enough about that. I’m sure someone will enjoy the picture… even if it’s just me.

Class Assignment 2 – My Web Design Experience

In 200-400 words no less. Well, I have one that is really good in this situation: none.

As I said earlier, this blog is the first time I have EVER had any kind of web presence. No FaceBook, no Tumblr, no DeviantArt (even though I really should start one…), no accounts on any forums. NOTHING.

I have on one occasion however, inspected the elements of a webpage in-browser out of sheer boredom. I saw lots of lines of text that didn’t mean much to me. I haven’t done that again yet, though now, because of this class, that might change.

So why am I taking this class? It’s required for my degree. You say I need another reason outside of it being required? I CAN’T THINK OF ANOTHER BECAUSE I HAVE TRIED SCRIPTING ONCE ALREADY, AND IT WAS REALLY HARD. (Actually twice, one time with C++ and another time with Ruby. I did not get anywhere either time) So let’s backpedal a little and say one of the reasons I’m taking this class is to get better at scripting. Yeah, let’s go with that. (I will be avenged C++, mark my words!)

So what are my hopes for this class? (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m just going down the questions listed on the assignment in order with no care as to how my answers flow and relate to one another) I hope that I can pass it. Maybe learn to make a website or two. Well actually, I do have a more serious hope for this class. As a part of my New Year’s resolution, I am planning on launching a web comic sometime this year. I have a lot of it planned out, and might even start posting some of my work for it on this blog. But I don’t know what site I want to post the real thing to, DeviantArt, FaceBook, just keep it to the blog, some site devoted to hosting people’s web comics. So I hope that maybe I can build my own as an alternative. And if that doesn’t pan out… I’ll just hire someone and chalk it up to another thing in my life that didn’t quite work out…

Class Assignment 1 – AIGA Survey

So immediately starting off with class stuff. Anyways, here’s the link so that you know what I’m talking about:

Basically, I pick a job from that list and explain why I picked it (outside of how well it pays) and I have to explain why I pick it in 100 words or more. Am I already wasting half of the word count in simply explaining the assignment? OH WELL. IT HAPPENS. I LIKE TO BE WORDY SOMETIMES. 😛

Now, the job I picked (and by picked, I mean saw the 1st title I found remotely interesting, clicked on the description and said: YEP. I’M GONNA WRITE ABOUT THAT ONE) was for that of an Art Director.

Outside of the reason stated above, I picked it because it seems like a cool job. It’s in a position of authority, so I can boss people around. (mwahahaha) It also allows me to be creative, especially during the conceptualization stage of a project, which is where I figure I can be the most creative. It also allows me to not stress the actual execution all that much either! Because I wouldn’t be the one doing it! (mwahahaha #2) But yeah, the job would basically let me come up with the ideas, (at least, that’s what I skimmed from it) and not have to actually put those ideas into practice, which if you know me personally, is a huge plus for me. Because I come up with ideas all the time… and never have the discipline to go along and make them pan out. Tragic I know…

But anyway, that’s my first assignment post, done and out of the way. And actually, it was my first post ever on an actually website at that! (I don’t have a Facebook yet because I’m a crazy man with no friends) Here’s to the rest of the semester! (As long as it stays easy)