Class Assignment 1 – AIGA Survey

So immediately starting off with class stuff. Anyways, here’s the link so that you know what I’m talking about:

Basically, I pick a job from that list and explain why I picked it (outside of how well it pays) and I have to explain why I pick it in 100 words or more. Am I already wasting half of the word count in simply explaining the assignment? OH WELL. IT HAPPENS. I LIKE TO BE WORDY SOMETIMES. 😛

Now, the job I picked (and by picked, I mean saw the 1st title I found remotely interesting, clicked on the description and said: YEP. I’M GONNA WRITE ABOUT THAT ONE) was for that of an Art Director.

Outside of the reason stated above, I picked it because it seems like a cool job. It’s in a position of authority, so I can boss people around. (mwahahaha) It also allows me to be creative, especially during the conceptualization stage of a project, which is where I figure I can be the most creative. It also allows me to not stress the actual execution all that much either! Because I wouldn’t be the one doing it! (mwahahaha #2) But yeah, the job would basically let me come up with the ideas, (at least, that’s what I skimmed from it) and not have to actually put those ideas into practice, which if you know me personally, is a huge plus for me. Because I come up with ideas all the time… and never have the discipline to go along and make them pan out. Tragic I know…

But anyway, that’s my first assignment post, done and out of the way. And actually, it was my first post ever on an actually website at that! (I don’t have a Facebook yet because I’m a crazy man with no friends) Here’s to the rest of the semester! (As long as it stays easy)


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