Class Assignment 2 – My Web Design Experience

In 200-400 words no less. Well, I have one that is really good in this situation: none.

As I said earlier, this blog is the first time I have EVER had any kind of web presence. No FaceBook, no Tumblr, no DeviantArt (even though I really should start one…), no accounts on any forums. NOTHING.

I have on one occasion however, inspected the elements of a webpage in-browser out of sheer boredom. I saw lots of lines of text that didn’t mean much to me. I haven’t done that again yet, though now, because of this class, that might change.

So why am I taking this class? It’s required for my degree. You say I need another reason outside of it being required? I CAN’T THINK OF ANOTHER BECAUSE I HAVE TRIED SCRIPTING ONCE ALREADY, AND IT WAS REALLY HARD. (Actually twice, one time with C++ and another time with Ruby. I did not get anywhere either time) So let’s backpedal a little and say one of the reasons I’m taking this class is to get better at scripting. Yeah, let’s go with that. (I will be avenged C++, mark my words!)

So what are my hopes for this class? (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m just going down the questions listed on the assignment in order with no care as to how my answers flow and relate to one another) I hope that I can pass it. Maybe learn to make a website or two. Well actually, I do have a more serious hope for this class. As a part of my New Year’s resolution, I am planning on launching a web comic sometime this year. I have a lot of it planned out, and might even start posting some of my work for it on this blog. But I don’t know what site I want to post the real thing to, DeviantArt, FaceBook, just keep it to the blog, some site devoted to hosting people’s web comics. So I hope that maybe I can build my own as an alternative. And if that doesn’t pan out… I’ll just hire someone and chalk it up to another thing in my life that didn’t quite work out…


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