Class Assignment 3 – Is the Internet Making Us Crazy?

Here’s the page in question:

Now I’m not going to lie to you… I did not read that entire article. But I feel that I can say, in confidence, I know exactly what was being said in it word for word. How can I be confident about that? …………..moving on…

So my thoughts on the internet’s growing “stranglehold” on all aspects of our pathetic meat-baggy lives…. ALL HAIL OUR NEW INTERNET OVERLORD! KILL ALL WHO OPPOSE IT! KILL! KILLLLLLLLL! …. Yeah, I do think it could start to be a problem somewhere along the lines. Basically, the way I see the internet, it sort of exaggerates us in a way. Like, it makes the smart people smarter, as it allows them access to information ridiculously fast as well as spread new information just as fast. But, on the other side of that same coin, it allows the idiots out there to get dumber. That 10 hour loop of Nyah Cat you want to see? On YouTube. Go waste all 10 of those hours accomplishing nothing as you watch a half cat half Pop-Tart poop rainbows. The cynic in me says that most of the people on the internet are unfortunately part of the later group.

The thing is, we just can’t fix the internet to make it stop making us dumber/more insane, as it is in our human nature. The net didn’t start off as a land of dumb jokes, memes, obsessing over likes, and poking strangers you barely know. We as humans kind of, at least in my opinion, are naturally predisposed to just go in that direct as we get more advanced. After all, technological advances only really improve the more intelligent, where as it merely stirs the pot with the dumber people…

I think that gives a cursory view of how I feel on the issue without me going overboard. Now I bet you’re wondering: which of those two groups do I consider myself in? Well…

I don't know the context. Even with the context, I'm sure this makes absolutely no sense.

I don’t know the context. Even with the context, I’m sure this makes absolutely no sense.

I find images like this one I just posted to be both hilarious, and well worth the 20 minutes it took to track down on KnowYourMemes and post on my blog. That should tell you all you need to know on where I stand…


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