Introductory Art Post

A thought occurred to me: I’ve had this blog running for more than a week now and I haven’t posted anything just for the heck of it. That changes now! At 3:00 at night… And I wonder why I often have difficulty getting up before 10…

So, for this first “optional” post, I’ll post some of my art! Yeah! Because this blog is totally going to be a better place for that than DeviantArt… Alex and Kitsiyuna Rough Color

What exactly is this a picture of you may ask? This is actually related to the web comic I’ve been planning since the start of the month. These two are going to be the main characters. He’s Grumpy, and she’s Foxy! XD Sarcasm is hard to convey through text, but I am kidding about their names. The guy’s name is Alex Haser, and the girl’s name is Kitsiyuna. They are two Spirit Hunters who work for Night Fox, a small company that hunts down evil ghosts and spirits for profit. And by small, I mean they are the only two who work there. Also, Night Fox is going to be the name of the comic. Also, also, Kitsiyuna is a spirit herself. What kind? A kitsune. What’s a kitsune? Obligatory Wikipedia link ahead: Didn’t read it and want a paraphrase? She’s a fox spirit. You did read it? Then I gave you a refresher. Also, also, also (this particular paragraph of my post works better if you read it faster. Re-read back to this point in such a manner for the added effect) Alex is not a spirit. What is he? He’s a human. Then why does he have red eyes? That’s just eyeist. Is that an actual word? No. Am I dragging this on longer than I need to? No. Seriously? Absolutely, I need to stop…

But yeah… there’s my first of what I assume to be many art posts that I assume will one day end up taking over this blog (AND MURDER IT IN COLD BLOOD THEN HIDE THE BODY AFTER STUFFING IT FULL OF ALL THE DOODLES AND SKETCHES I DO IN MY CLASSES THAT I HOPE MY TEACHERS DON’T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT TO NOTICE). The drawing is bit on the rough side I know, but I didn’t want to stay up an extra couple of hours doing a “proper” shading, (one of the reasons this is going up at 3 in the morning) so I just colored over my original drawing while still making it so you can see the original lines, to make it look “fancier”… But enough about that. I’m sure someone will enjoy the picture… even if it’s just me.


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