Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #1

I’m drifting back into the “I’m bored and I can and this is also my blog, so I can post whatever the hell I want” phase. WHICH MEANS IT’S TIME FOR MORE ARTZ! :O

Kitsi Semi-Color

It’s a picture of Kitsiyuna… again. Were you expecting someone new? TOO BAD, I’M POSTING ANOTHER PICTURE OF HER! Of course, this one is from the front… which makes it totally acceptable! Which shouldn’t even matter… It’s my blog. I don’t care what you think of my posting habits. I’m going to slam my head against my keyboard now and keep whatever random nonsense I get in my post. uv yjhnuf ujyhgrtfvbfd (my keyboard apparently won’t register multiple keys getting hit at the same time, so that’s the best I could manage. No 500 words of gibberish for you…)

Any who, because I’m retreading old ground here, I figure I’ll give you a character bio on Kitsiyuna, ’cause why not! (You can expect these for a couple of the other characters in the future, also ’cause why not.)

Name – Kitsiyuna (Duh… Though if you are curious about the origins of the name, I took kitsune, hacked off a couple of letters, then added an I, then stuck that in front of Yuna, which is Okinawan for night. You pronuce it kit-see-you-nah, or gargelstemel if you are mentally retarded and illiterate)

Age – An age… (I actually don’t have a set age for her yet. I just say she is at least 800, but she’s supposed to look and act like she’s 23ish…)

Birthday – A date… (No idea when her birthday would be. And I have no plans on giving her a set one for now, so I’m going to say August 400th :P)

Personality – Okay, I’m actually going to give you a real answer here. Kitsiyuna, in playing with the nature of kitsunes as being mischievous, is well, mischievous. She’s snarky with Alex and always has a snappy remark for his snappy remarks (he is pretty snarky too, which often leads to this never-ending cycle of them trying to out sarcasm the other one). Despite her age, she is also a little irresponsible at times, but she always means well. Compared to Alex (who’s bio I WILL get to at another date), she has a much stronger moral compass and always tries to do the right thing, often times serving as a sort of moral fiber for him, making him do good things. When she’s hunting down bad spirits for Night Fox, she does so with a thrill for battle, and enjoys having a good fight on her hands, though she isn’t at the point where she actively seeks fights out for fun. And, despite half of the stuff I just said, she still exhibits a degree of  maturity that reflects her true age, looking out for Alex whenever he needs emotional support (that he will never admit he needs) and keeping him out of danger when he gets into situations that are way over his head (which is a lot of the time. Alex does have a habit of biting off more than he can chew… His bio is going to have a lot of redundancy in it when I get to it…).

Backstory – A COMPLETE MYSTERY! Not because of spoiler reasons… well, kind of because of spoiler reasons… but because she has been suffering from amnesia. Though, in the time frame the web comic would actually happen, she knows everything she needs to know about herself, except for her past… which is part of her character motivation, to find out who she was… so maybe not exactly EVERYTHING… Anyway, while recovering from her newly acquired amnesia (which I’m also not going to tell you how she got), Kitsiyuna was busy hiding out in some woods near where Alex lived. While investigating rumors about a kitsune living near him, Alex sought her out. When they ended up meeting each other, Alex decided to “take her in under his wing”, and EVENTUALLY, the two ended up bonding with one another. Then a couple of months later, the web comic ACTUALLY starts. “In media res” one might say…

Abilities – Is a skilled martial artist, can create and manipulate fire, is capable of shapeshifting, and can do a couple of other things I’m not going to get into because *SPOILER ALERT!* it involves spoilers.

Out of Context Quotes (because why not) –

“The fact that you aren’t taking any precautions right now means I HAVE to stick around incase something happens to you.”

“Sometimes Alex, I swear you’re an intelligent person. Other times… I swear you’re a dumbass.”

“So in addition to being your chauffeur, I’m also your answering machine now…?”

And there you have it. A character bio on Kitsiyuna, give or take a couple of, very small… major and important plot details. Did you find it informative? If so, send me 20 gazillion dollars for no real reason. If you didn’t find it informative, still send me that money because I AM BROKE. And if you want some actual, LEGITIMATE, info (because I can just tell SO MANY of you guys care about this stuff..), actually ask me and I’ll probably answer you… I do get bored on a regular basis after all…


2 thoughts on “Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #1

  1. She looks great! You obviously have a vivid imagination and a lot of creativity to come up with a character to that extent. I need to get back into my drawing.

    Do you do anime conventions?


    • I’m far too shy in person to do conventions, though I’ve always thought about it from time to time. I will say, I’ve been getting progressively “braver” as time goes on, so who knows? Maybe I’ll end up going to one eventually… Though my main issue at that point would be who do I want to go as for my first time? Trying to get the right “debut” costume in some ways freaks me out more than attempting to interact with 1000 other geeks and nerds…


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