Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #2

If you read my previous art post, you should in no way be surprised I’m doing another character bio…Alex Crounching Semi-Color

It’s Alex again. Just like I said. Like seriously… SHOULD NOT BE UNEXPECTED. I’m not going to yammer on as much with the rest of the bios, so let’s get this one done:

Name – Alex Haser (If you’re wondering how I came up with the last name Haser, it just sort of popped into my head one day and I decided to stick with it. I guess it is in someway MEANINGFUL as Alex likes to haze people. As do I. It is fun to screw with people after all!)

Age – 15 (Yep, he’s a teenager. A slightly angsty one at that! I’M SO ORIGINAL!)

Birthday – Not sure (Another one where I don’t have a set one. Dare I say most of my characters probably don’t have a set birthday… so why am I putting this into their bios? For the sake of an actual answer, I’ll pick a random date and say June 13th. *DISCLAIMER – Date subject to change*)

Personality – Best word to start of with is anti-social (okay, maybe that’s twoish…). Alex doesn’t get along with most people… and by most, I mean like less than a point of a percentage of the population could stand to be around him for more than 5 minutes (people often wonder just how Kitsiyuna can stand to deal with him). He’s grumpy a lot of the time, mostly because he purposefully only sleeps like 4 hours every night (he considers sleeping a waste of time). He’s also incredibly impatient, and hates having downtime, often skipping school to do stuff he considers a better use of his time. In some ways, he is a major workaholic… and yet he can be SO LAZY, making Kitsiyuna do a lot of his daily menial tasks for him. He is also a MASSIVE TROLL. He has an incredibly dark sense of humor, and LOVES to push everyone’s buttons to the point that it causes them to snap in catastrophic, and often times hilarious (at least to him) ways. It might seem a little weird that he’d do a job where he basically goes around protecting people from evil spirits, but he does it as a way to show people his skills and abilities. Alex in general just likes to pick fights, even against opponents who are much stronger than him, leading to him getting into some dangerous situations. He almost always survives them with minimal harm to himself however, as despite a lot of his “dumber” behavior, he is incredibly intelligent, cunning, and pragmatic to a T. He’s so pragmatic in fact, that if he’s facing off against another guy, the first place his knife is going is into his opponent’s ‘nads. And then he’ll laugh and make a dumb joke about it.

Backstory – From a young age, Alex developed a bit of an obsession with the occult that started when his grandfather told him some ghost stories while they were out camping when he was about 6. When he got older, he took up an interest in ghost hunting, and found that he had a knack for it, leading to him to eventually start up Night Fox. Because of his often times creepy obsession with ghosts, a lot of kids avoided him when he was younger, which ended up isolating him as the loner he is today. Pepper in a couple more personal tragedies that Alex doesn’t like to tell other people about, and you’ll start to get a clearer picture as to why Alex is the way he is.

Abilities – Powerful spell caster thanks to the aid of his seemingly sentient spell book, capable of creating and developing his own spells and magic artifacts, skilled knife expert, and a fairly decent conman. He’s not particularly good at many physical activities however…

Out of Context Quotes –

“Now, ordinarily, I don’t give my opponent advice in the middle of a fight. But you could really use it. Have you considered actually dodging my attacks?”

“Stay back, and give one of us a call when you find it, and we’ll deal with it. And by one of us, I mean Kitsiyuna exclusively. I still keep that dumb cell phone at home… really don’t like the idea of people being able to contact me whenever they feel like.”

“Ugh… I hate it when this happens… BECAUSE HAVING TO RUN F***ING SUCKS!”

There you have it. That’s Alex’s bio. Not sure when the next will go up, but it will definitely be for a new character this time. A NEW CHARACTER! HOW EXCITING! LET THE RAIN OF EXCLAMATION MARKS BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








(Was that enough? …No? About 3 more? …Okay, about 3 more.) !!!


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