Class Assignment 5 – Web Typography

Relevant link here:

For those who are afraid of clicking on stuff (I’m sure you people exist, though how you managed to get to my blog if that is the case is a mystery), its a 40 minute lecture on web typography. For this assignment, I had to watch it, and then posts my thoughts on it. Like always, just answering a list of questions in order with no care to how the answers relate to one another.

SUM UP THE TALK IN MY OWN WORDS!!!!! – (Read that line like someone is shouting it ridiculously loud in your ear. Like so loud, that your ear drums bleed and require some form of surgery to fix)

All right, I didn’t pay 100% attention to the whole thing, so I’m not going to be able to recall everything. Don’t give me that look. It’s 40 minutes long and I have a short atte… I wonder what I should have for lunch tomorrow… Anyway, the guy basically went over how not all typefaces are universal in their use, and that some have certain roles and also that… I think I should have tacos for lunch… He also went over how when people design webpages, they already put up enough stuff that you can’t really afford to have distractions, like say a badly chosen font. And also, that actual good type and fonts and stuff, should be invisible to us, like we don’t actually notice it. Plus, contrast is important, always go bigger, don’t be afraid to kern, and don’t drink the Kool-Aid (I might be misremembering that last part).

WHAT STUCK OUT TO ME THE MOST!!!!!!! – (Imagine the sound barrier just broke right next to your ear this time)

One thing that did stick out to me as interesting is that he mentioned that when something is written in a more unusual, and for lack of a better word “ugly” font, you tend to remember that information better. It got me thinking that maybe I could do stuff like that in the future.



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