Art Post – This Took a Lot of Scanning…

No new character bio at the moment… or actual comic strip like I said I’d do eventually… UGH… I’ve got something different for today. You see, for my Interactive Design class (what this blog is supposed to be devoted to…), I am in the middle of coding my profile page. I’m more or less done, EXCEPT for the background of the page. “Gee, I wonder where he’s going with this?” I wonder too. Could it be that I’m going to be posting the background image I made myself? That seems kind of obvious… What’s that? That is what I’m doing? Am I becoming predictable now? That is a horrifying prospect to me… ANYWHO, HERE IS WHAT I’VE GOT!

Profile Background

Basically, I decided to take a bunch of drawings I’ve done over the past couple of months and JUST MASH ‘EM TOGETHER INTO ONE BIG COL-LAGE! Now, sticking it all together didn’t take all that long, but actually scanning in pretty much all of the pictures? COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY. DAMN SCANNER HAD TO KEEP WARMING UP AFTER EVERY SCAN. ALSO, SCANNING IN LOTS OF PICTURES ALL AT THE SAME TIME GOES MUCH FASTER IF THE SCANNER AND COMPUTER ARE IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER AND ARE PHYSICALLY HOOKED UP. (Enough all caps for now.) What goes much slower is using a wireless scanner from the downstairs of your house to scan the pictures onto your computer upstairs. This goes slower because you have to keep running up and down the stairs to change out the images, which will slowly drive you insane if you already have a slightly weakened mental fiber like me… Basically, I ended up going up and down about 50 flights of stairs scanning in pictures (not all of which I used) while humming to myself this one song: (Don’t ask me why that ONE song, it was just in my head during the 3 hours it took to do this)

But enough about that, how about I discuss the actual picture? (Hah! I said discuss, which almost sounds like dis-gust! …I’m typing this post having not eaten anything yet today…) Everyone in this picture is one of my OCs. (That stands for original characters if you aren’t a sad person like me) Some of them are from Night Fox (see how many times Alex and Kitsiyuna show up in this damn picture), while some of them are from completely different series. (I say series like they’re something more than just premises for comics in my head…) The drawings I used are just ones that I thought still looked good to my current sensibilities (some of these drawings are over 2 years old). I did not care IN THE SLIGHTEST if a character got repeated. You can even see the same face I use for my profile icon! See if you can find it! (It really is not that hard to do. EDIT: As of now, I have changed my icon to a picture that is not in the collage, so now it is VERY HARD to find in there…). So just who are half of these people/things (I’m looking at you monster things in the back)? YOU’RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO KEEP TUNING IN TO MY BLOG TO FIND OUT! (Aren’t I a stinker that way?)

I will say that the character I’m covering for the next bio is in the picture, so you can be all like “OMG! I SAW THAT GUY BEFORE HAND! I KNOW WHO THEY ARE! EXCEPT NOT REALLY!” when I post it. Which reminds me… I’m thinking of changing up what I have planned for the comic. Still the same premise, it’s just the style that I was originally planning for it is going to change a bit… I was originally going to do one continuous story for the comic, but I’m having second thoughts about that. I’m going to opt instead to do a sort of “newspaper” strip style. In other words, things will just happen, and each strip won’t necessarily tie in to one another… Disappointed? Well I haven’t posted a damn comic yet, so how can you be disappointed over something that doesn’t exist yet? (I’m looking at you, my future disappointing son!) I will say though, I AM disappointed in my self a little… I was on my 2nd draft of the comic (which was about 45 pages long) after I changed my mind about the first one (which was 68 pages long)… I would not at all be surprised if I wanted to change my mind again… Though, thankfully, with how I intend on doing things, if I want to do a rewrite at this stage, it’s going to be probably for just a single comic, NOT THE WHOLE GOD DAMN THING! If I feel like I’m taking too long to actually get a comic up, I’ll just post those drafts up here so whoever is interested can actually read them.


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