Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #3

Without much rambling this time, here’s the 3rd bio.

Kaz Semi-Color

Name – Kaz Harrison (I’ve been having an internal debate as to whether or not Kaz is his actual name, or if its just a nickname for Caspian… He would go by the nickname because Caspian is a HORRENDOUS name)

Age – 16

Birthday – April 9th… maybe…

Personality – Kaz is a bit of an everyman. He’s a pretty normal dude… at least he would be if he never met Alex. As Alex’s “only friend”, Kaz often gets roped into whatever shenanigans Alex has cooking up. Though Kaz is a pretty intelligent guy, Alex is often able to manipulate Kaz into doing what he wants him to do. After a point, Kaz just got conditioned into accepting that when Alex comes knocking at his door… he’s going to end up doing something weird that day. He might complain and moan, but when tasked with something, 9 times out of 10, Kaz will just nut up and do it. His secret to putting up with Alex is that he is just EXTREMELY tolerant of a lot of dumb crap, a skill he developed for when he had to keep babysitting his little sister Jeanie all the time, who acts like Alex in a lot of ways (that is not a statement about his sister being a potential sociopath or anything, that is a statement about Alex’s maturity level often mirroring that of a 10 year old girl). Kaz is also pretty snarky too, so that helps (being snarky is essentially mandatory of most of my characters it seems). On a side note, Kaz is a bit of a ladies man, flirting with cute girls when he sees them, usually to some degree of success due to his natural charisma. He also has a major crush on Kitsiyuna, who has little interest in him, so it often goes nowhere. Alex likes to exploit this fact for fun and profit, not that Kaz has a problem with that most of the time. Though sometimes he does. Hell, sometimes he and Alex just end up pissing each other off so much that it makes other people wonder just why they’re friends in the first place, something Kaz will ask himself a lot of the time. Though, deep down, he knows the answer, and he’s just loyal enough to stick by a friend regardless of how big of an ass they can be.

Backstory – Nothing particularly special. He met Alex one day when they were kids, and they were friends ever since… okay not really. Kaz actually hated Alex a lot when they were much younger (like when they were 9 or something). But, as time went on, Kaz matured, realized that maybe Alex would stop being a dick to people if people did the same for him, and just decided to start hanging out with Alex. Alex found him just tolerable and useful enough to keep him around as a friend (and by that, I mean minion). I might be missing a couple of key details here, but that’s more or less how it went.

Abilities – Physically strong (he is a Linebacker for his and Alex’s high school football team), decent at fighting while using spears and other pole-arms, has some kind of latent Spirit Hunting abilities he is unaware of, (Alex tries to coax it out of him, often bringing him on dangerous jobs to see if he can get some results. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work out most of the time) also possesses an above average intellect. (he might be a jock, but he’s not a dumb one!) Of course, that intellect, when compared to Alex’s, does make Kaz look like an idiot most of the time…

Out of Context Quotes –

“You can relax Jeanie, it’s just Alex… being Alex. And by that I mean BEING AN ASSHAT.”

“No fair! I don’t have a ranged attack you damn cheater!”


And that’s Kaz, more or less. You can probably expect him to show up on a regular basis in the comic, mostly because I find him very easy to draw… Is it okay to give a character more screen time than others just because they are easier to draw? I don’t care. Whatever makes my life easier. (Fun fact for the day – The design I’m using for Kitsiyuna right now is something I came up with specifically because I was getting annoyed at the idea of having to constantly redraw her original PAIN IN THE ASS OUTFIT for the comic. Aren’t I just the laziest? 🙂 )


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