Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #4

Bio #4, here we go!

Angel Semi-Color

Name – Reaper Officer Angela Moon (The Reaper Officer is part of her title in case you were wondering. I’m not just going to name a character “Reaper Officer”, that would be dumb. I will, however, give an angel character the nickname “Angel” however, BECAUSE THAT IS SO MUCH MORE CLEVER… :P)

Age – 60ish (I don’t a have a firm one for her either, considering she’s a spirit and all. I’m gonna say she was around 35 when she died, so she’s been a spirit for about 30 years, so old by people standards, but extremely young by spirit ones)

Birthday – November 5th

Personality – As a member of the Reapers (they are basically the police force of the Spirit World, maintaining law and order through any means necessary), Angel likes to be stern and professional, trying to set a good example for others to follow. Unfortunately for her, she is responsible for keeping an eye on Night Fox for its Reaper accreditation, so she constantly has to play baby sitter to Alex and Kitsiyuna’s shenanigans. Needless to say, they have a habit of driving her insane, requiring her to chew the two of them out whenever they screw up, in hopes of them actually learning a lesson. They never do. Whenever she has to lecture them, she tries to act as harsh and critical as she can, something that, deep down, she hates doing, as she actually a huge softie. Of course, Alex and Kitsiyuna will exploit this fact, trying to act as sad and remorseful as they can whenever she’s laying in to them, usually resulting in her letting them off easy. She more often than not knows that they’re faking, but each time hopes that they’re being genuinely sorry… after a certain point, she even admits to herself that she should know better than that. Despite Alex and Kitsiyuna constantly gaming her, the two of them respect Angel as a good friend and ally.

Backstory – Not sure about her backstory before she died. I’m going to say she was a cop that died in the line of duty, and when she died, she decided to continue on as a Reaper Officer. In regards to the story, she was tasked with looking after Kitsiyuna while she was recovering from her amnesia. When Alex and Kitsiyuna decided to partner up, she was specifically told to monitor them, more specifically, Kitsiyuna, to see how strong she gets. Of course, these orders didn’t come from the Reapers, but rather, someone from the outside with a lot of connections that has a vested interest in getting Kitsiyuna as powerful as possible. This particular individual (who I may or may not be covering later), was actually responsible for getting Night Fox accredited, allowing Alex and Kitsiyuna to hunt spirits to their hearts content without getting in trouble with the Reapers, allowing them to get more powerful in the process. Angel herself will occasionally give the two of them jobs to hunt particularly “feisty” bounties while on orders from this guy in order to speed the process up. (That one was a tad more spoilery than usual, so I’m not going to go into much more detail for now)

Abilities – Skilled at tracking and hunting down criminals, expert at fighting with a scythe, capable of using very potent magic, specifically of the light and wind variety, and is capable of flight thanks to her wings.

Out of Context Quotes –

“I was gone for ONE MINUTE! How do you two get into this much trouble in ONE MINUTE!?”

“Keep screwing around Alex, and you just might earn a spot in one of the many open prison cells in Hell when you die.”

By the power vested in me by the Grim Reaper himself, I hereby place you under arrest! An attempts to resist will be met with deadly force if deemed necessary! To put it bluntly, whether you live or die will be determined by the edge of my scythe!”


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