Class Assignment 6 – The “Awwwards”

Relevant link:

For this assignment, we had to browse the winners from this site, pick a favorite site design that was used for a restaurant, and then we had to critique it. MERCILESSLY! MWAHAHAHAHAHA… Okay not really. We had to focus on these categories:

  • Ease of Navigation
  • Readability
  • Accessibility (load time, cross-browser friendly, etc.)
  • Branding  (large photography that shows off product, beautiful typography and illustrations that plays off the logo, consistent color scheme throughout the site, etc.)
  • Special Features and Interactivity (hover states, layered scrolling, animation, etc.)

(Copied word for word from the assignment, so you should know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.)

Anywho, this is the site that I picked: Why that site? Because it was a steak house, AND I LIKE STEAK! Now for the critique:

Ease of Navigation – A cursory glance of the site (because you can’t honestly expect me to do a thorough inspection, now can you? You can? Well you’re crazy then! I don’t think I’ve ever fully explored a site, including this one!), leads me to believe the site is very easy to navigate. All the important options are always at the top, regardless of what page you’re on, the links are obvious what they lead to, etc. I give it, 9/4000 because I’m using a scoring system adjusted for inflation and the fact that I currently am not eating a steak right now and that is making me mad.

Readability – Gets a pass as well (so say, a C++++++++, which translates to a different letter that I don’t care to specific). The fonts are large (REALLY LARGE, like, BIGGER THAN WHAT YOUR GRANDPARENTS WOULD NEED), they are also written in a very clear san-serif, so everything is nice and legible, and NOT HEADACHE INDUCING, which is all that I’m really looking for in large amounts of text.

Accessibility – The site loads fast, and appears to work in a variety of different browsers. (I’m not surprised by that, it isn’t exactly a TAXING site in terms of design) Not much else I can say on this matter, so it gets 3 thumbs up, all on the same hand… Because the thumbs up is being given by a guy with a birth defect or something…

Branding – There are indeed large photos of the food that are very appetizing(…want…steak…), the fonts are consistent, as are the colors, yada yada yada… Its an award winning site made by clear professionals, what else would you expect of it? I give 5 stars / fish taco. Not as good as 5 stars / a giant stack of pancakes, but its pretty close.

Special Features – You hover over menu items, and it gives you close-ups of the food, the opening page has an animation of them FREAKING COOKING THEIR STEAK… I also wouldn’t be surprised if  there was also some layered scrolling in their somewhere… So yeah, they have some nice added features on the site that really adds to the presentation. I can’t think of another retarded score to give it, so here’s a picture of Nicolas Cage:

So FREAKING majestic. Also STEAK.

So, that was my “critique”, of the 4 Rivers Smokehouse website. It looks very neat and clean. Its clearly very professional. And it has delicious pictures of steak… (OMFGIWANTAGODDAMNSTEAKTOEATFORDINNER!!!!!) So yeah. I think its a good site. I can see why it got an award. Now I’m off to Florida to find one of their FREAKING STEAKHOUSES!!!!!!


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