Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #5

Here’s another bio:

Alexis Semi-Color

Name – Alexis Loore (Yes, I know I have two characters who are technically named Alex. That was actually intentional on my part, to subvert the fact that in most fictional settings, characters DO NOT share the same name. She does go by Lexi to help cut down on possible confusion though.)

Age – 16

Birthday – April 4th

Personality – Alexis is a bit of a difficult character to pin down when it comes to her personality. Not because I don’t know what her personality is, but more because her personality is based more on perspective, if that AT ALL makes any sense. Like Alex, she is also into the occult, and enjoys hunting down rogue spirits as well, essentially making her a rival of Alex. She has a knack for being able to get people to do stuff for her, just like Alex, though, unlike him, she has much better publicity and is not actively hated or despised (it does help that she does put on a much friendly face). Well, actually, Alex still despises her. In fact, despise is WAY TOO MILD of a word for how Alex feels about her. Outright hatred might be too mild as well, but I’ll go with that. Of course, Alexis does absolutely nothing to quell his rage for her. In fact, more often than not, she’ll just spur him on into hating her more and more. Alex actually calls her “Stalker” with the frequency she butts into his life at inopportune moments. I could go into more detail, with more specifics, but I’ll just leave it at that.

Backstory – She has a kind of spoilery backstory too, so… don’t expect much in the way of details. She was there when Alex and Kaz were younger, and she was actually friends with Kaz for awhile… of course, then something happened. This “happening”, was the catalyst for all of Alex’s hate for her. She was able to avoid most of his ire because she ended up moving away for about 7 years. Of course, within the actual web comic story proper, she’s moved back into town, renewing her and Alex’s rivalry. And also, while she was gone, she ended up with her own spirit companion, just like Alex did, named Galin, who I will cover later.

Abilities – Powerful spellcaster, able to rival Alex in magical prowess while specializing in shielding and barrier magic compared to Alex’s brute force magic, very skilled fencer, and has an almost supernatural ability to win people over.

Out of Context Quotes –

“Oh come on Alex. You can’t still be this upset, now can you?”

“If you want to be technical, I wasn’t following you, I was following Kitsiyuna. It’s just a complete coincidence that your trusted partner for the past couple of months would end up meeting up with you the same time I’m following her… COMPLETE COINCIDENCE…” 

“Come on Galin! Quick being all emo and angsty! We’ve got a crimelord to track down after all!”

Now, I do have some news in regards to the actual comic. I’ve been able to brainstorm a couple more ideas for comics and actually have a couple drawn out. Now, next week for me is my Spring Break, so the comic updates SHOULD pick up a bit… unless of course I end up having to scramble the entire break to get homework and projects done… So either expect a couple of updates next week… or none at all…


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