Comic Post – #004: No Reason Not To…

Boy did this Spring Break suck… I didn’t actually have THAT much I had to do, but I managed to stagger out the work in such a way that I got so little done at a time, that I had this constant feeling that I wasn’t going to get it all done in time. I still technically haven’t. I need to edit together a video for another class using Premiere, and the version I have SUCKS A GIGANTIC COLLECTIVE OF DONKEY BALLS (Meaning that it would crash, A LOT, sometimes immediately after I just reopened it from the last time it crashed)! So I have to finish the rest in class by Wednesday… Oh, I’m sorry. I feel as though I’m getting off topic here… Look at me, TALKING ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE ON MY PERSONAL BLOG! Disgusting, disgraceful, and SHAMEFUL! Anywho, comic number 4:

Comic 004A

I feel as though I’m developing a rhythm with these… Enough for one each week… So expect weekly updates I guess… Though, I will say, don’t expect them at the EXACT SAME TIME ON THE EXACT SAME DAY EACH WEEK, because, as you might have been able to venture from my rant about my break, I am REAL bad at managing my time properly…


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