Comic Post – #005: Sort of Like a Legless Nick Cage

Comic 005A

I have some news that may or may not be relevant to this web comic. I am no longer unemployed at this moment! WOOOO! GETTING PAID TO DO JUNK! WOOT! I say it may not be relevant to this comic, because I don’t know how much me working will affect the amount of free time I have to make this comic. I will say, the hours aren’t going to be too atrocious, (my nights are still free, which is where I get most of my work done) so I suspect it probably won’t be that big of an issue. I will admit that if something has to fall to the way side between work, school, this comic, and having a social life, I would prioritize things like this: Work first, then this comic (I really am trying to be serious about doing this), then school (not sure if my CLASS BLOG is the best place to admit that I would willingly fall behind on school work if I wanted to keep up with this comic, but OH WELL), then finally, social life (I spend 0 minutes a day focusing on having a social life already, so that really is not a sacrifice at all). Anyways, the weekly schedule is still on at this point, so I’ll try to maintain that for now. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR MORE SHENANIGANS!


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