Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #6

Galin Semi-Color

Name – Galin (Yes, this is Alexis’s partner)

Age – 600 to 800 (That’s not because his age is unclear to me… well technically yes it is… It’s more because the date of my intended backstory for him can go that far back…)

Birthday – October 5th

Personality – If the default look on his face didn’t clue you in, Galin isn’t either the friendliest, nor is he the happiest person either. He’s always brooding, which makes him seem all “emo”, which he kind of is, because he almost never smiles, tells jokes, OR DOES ANYTHING SEEMINGLY LIGHT-HEARTED WHATSOEVER. Also, considering one of his primary motivators is revenge (something that I will cover in his backstory)… he might come off as kind of… “OMG HE’S SO EDGY!” Alex likes to mock him for that, which, considering he and Galin absolutely despise each other, usually results in Galin retaliating by trying to stab Alex in the face. Off course, Alexis will also make jokes about him being all “emo and junk” too.. but she can actually get away with it, because Galin actually likes her, what with them being partners and all. He is actually fairly protective of her, defending her from danger… or Alex’s petty attempts to extract revenge on her (even if she doesn’t want him to). Despite of his “angsty attitude”, he actually gets along better with the rest of the cast than Alex does (give or take a couple of outlier characters)… which could probably tell you a few things… He even gets along pretty well with Kitsiyuna in spite of the rivalry between their respective partners.

Backstory – I’m going full spoilery here! No vague details or anything! Want to know why? Because you knowing Galin’s backstory I’m about 90% certain won’t ruin anything about the overall plot and stuff… so here we go! Okay,*AHEM!*…


When Galin was alive, he was a knight who served a couple of years before the Black Plague was a thing. The kingdom he served was at war with a group of knights referred to as the Order of the Black Helm, lead by a man know as Dalibor, who sought to bring death and destruction to the land. Galin and his fellow knights did their best to repel the armies of the Black Helm. Galin in particular, was extremely effective against them, as he was capable of communing with the mystical wolves that lived in his kingdom, who helped him predict the Black Helm’s movements and even helped him in combat, earning him his title “The Wolf Knight”. Galin’s expertise actually got him to be the next in line for the throne, as the king had no heirs to pass it to, opting instead to give it to the knight he found most capable. You could say that everything was going well for Galin. You could say that, but then you’d obviously figure something tragic happened. You see, that’s when the plague hit… Dalibor found a way to weaponize it to his advantage, even enhancing the plague with magic to turn all those who died to it into soldiers for his army. The plague ravaged the kingdom, both weakening their forces, as well as essentially causing any who died to it to turn traitor. When the kingdom was pushed to the brink, was when Dalibor personally lead an assault on the capital. Galin was leading the kingdom’s forces at the time, and he was completely unprepared for Dalibor’s underhanded tactics, allowing Dalibor and his personal entourage to break through Galin’s defenses and storm the king’s castle. Galin ended up leaving the battlefield to go and defend his king, leaving the rest of his soldiers leaderless, and as a result, they eventually succumb to the rest of Dalibor’s forces. Galin was too late to stop Dalibor though, as by the time he arrived at the throne room, the king had already been slain by Dalibor. In a fit of rage, Galin attempted to fight Dalibor, knowing full well that he was outmatched. Galin put up a valiant effort, but was only able to land a single blow on Dalibor’s armor. Dalibor took great offense to this mere scratch, and retaliated by carving out Galin’s right eye, then slicing him straight down from his eye to his heart. Needless to say, Galin didn’t exactly survive this. Upon receiving his injuries, he doubled back in pain, and actually ended up falling out a window, falling as he was dying. His fall was what allowed him to survive as a Spirit. As Dalibor’s army was slaughtering people, he was making sure to collect the souls of all of his victims, allowing him to become more and more powerful, as well as preventing everyone who died in the kingdom from becoming Spirits… Everyone except Galin that is. Because he fell out of the castle, the wolves of the kingdom were able to drag his body to safety, preventing Dalibor from collecting his soul. Once safe, the wolves helped Galin reincarnate into a Spirit. When Galin woke up as a Spirit, the wolves he allied with greeted him with their true forms: Spirits, just like him. They ended up training Galin to use his new Spirit abilities until he was ready. Once Galin finished his training, he set out with one goal in mind: To kill all of the members of the Black Helm until he was strong enough to kill Dalibor himself. Fast forward a couple hundred years, and Galin has teamed up with Alexis, using her connections to help him track down the bigger members of Black Helm that have been evading him over the years.


Abilities – Very strong physically, able to fight expertly both armed with a sword and unarmed, and is capable of invoking temporary localized eclipses of the sun and moon to greatly boost his own power for a limited amount of time (Galin belongs to a race of wolf-Spirits known as Fenrycians, which are based off of Fenrir (, in case you are wondering the inspiration for that particular ability)

Out Of Context Quotes –

“As long as we were able to save a single person, our efforts will never have been in vain!”

“Just because your life has ended up less than ideal for you, doesn’t mean you can just go around blaming her for everything bad that has ever happened to you.”

“I’ll give you 5 seconds to fix this Haser, otherwise I’ll fix you by removing your head from your shoulders!”


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