Class Assignment 8 – Designer’s Guide to Grid Theory

Relevant link:

So, for this assignment, I had to read that article, then write about how you can use the design grid when designing websites. First things first: what is the design grid? It is essentially a set of guidelines that help you figure out how various design elements should be placed in relation to one another, helping you establish an effective “rhythm” for your work. (The article said rhythm, not me. I am merely parroting it, which should not be surprising in the slightest if you’ve been reading my replies to these assignments…) Basically, the grid is used to help set up proper proportions for the page elements, facilitating the creation of what “we” designers (because I TOTALLY fall under that description) call the Golden Rule, or the Rule of Thirds. I’m too lazy to type out what that is, so here’s a Wikipedia article on it:

And here’s a completely unrelated Wikipedia article on an obscure order of fish:

Anyway, when things are put into the Rule of Thirds, we tend to find them much more visually appealing. (You humans can be so weird in your interests you know) Once you understand that, it’s pretty easy to understand why designers would use a grid when designing websites and junk. It helps them set up a good foundation and balance for their site, things end up lining up better, and that allows them to make it far more visually appealing among other things. Did I adequately answer that question? Was this post satisfactory to all “you people”? According to my standards: I DON’T CARE! SEE YOU NEXT POST EVERYBODY!


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