Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #1

So here’s one I’ve had lying in the wait for a while now. I wasn’t holding it back for any particular reason, I just… forgot about the picture for about 2 weeks… Anywho, here’s another picture for you guys:

Jack Coloring

I colored this one in a slightly different way just because… Also, this is a character for a series completely different from Night Fox! Wooh! Exciting! Riveting! Rambling 1 word statements of increased interest in a particular thing! Yes, as I stated earlier… somewhere (probably on this blog, though it could have been all in my head…), that I have a lot of different ideas for series outside of Night Fox. So, I decided: Why not spout off a couple of these ideas here on the blog? Maybe get some feedback on them, maybe? Or ya know, not. This blog isn’t exactly well known and popular. OH WELL. THAT WON’T STOP ME FROM DOING IT. Without further ado, I present to you the main character from my second idea for a series: Sword of Excallius.

Well, first I should probably tell you just what the story would be about… That would make it far more easier for you to understand stuff in the character bio after all. (Quick FYI: Changing the format for the bios… Not that I’m sure any of you care… But I’m doing this so I don’t have to BS as much info for a character I haven’t thought that much about or have to keep blaring SPOILERS for a plot thing that I may or may not want to actually keep secret)


Some 800 years in the past, there existed a kingdom known as Excallius in a region of the world known as Avalon. He who sat upon the throne of Excallius was considered high king of all of Avalon, and had almost universal control of all magic, thanks in part to the mighty Sovereign Seal of Excallius. Originally created by the gods that watched over the world, the Sovereign Seal was entrusted to High King Idrissil of Excallius, a brave, noble, and fair leader. However, one god was not happy with this decision.

A nameless god, just like the others, known only by his association with those who follow him, a race of creatures known as Fiends, whose appearance and actions live up to their name. For several hundred years, the Fiend God had been ordering his spawn to attack humans in an attempt to put them into line, but when news of the Sovereign Seal being gifted to a human reached his ears, the Fiend God declared all out war against the humans of Avalon. The conflict lasted for several years, with the Fiend God unable to unleash his true power due to the protection brought on by the Sovereign Seal. That is, until one day, the Fiend God was able to breach the walls of Excallius and raid the castle.

King Idrissil stood his ground, and faced the god one on one, and with great skill and fortune, landed a mortal blow to the Fiend God. Unfortunately for the denizens of Avalon, it wasn’t enough. The Fiend God was still able to lay his hand on the Sovereign Seal, and with his dying breath, place a curse on all of Avalon. With the power of the Seal being abused, the curse took immediate effect and reached the furthest edges of Avalon. All plant life immediately died, the settlements in the land began to crumble into dust, and all the people faded out of existence, leaving no traces behind. Even the Sovereign Seal crumbled away into nothingness. In one fell swoop, all of Avalon faded into a land of death and despair, to be all but forgotten by history, as the only thing left of it, was ruin. Everything, that is, except a lone blade plunged into the ground where the throne of Excallius used to lay. This blade, would be known as the Sword of Excallius.

The sword was eventually found, and with it, a final challenge from the Fiend God was issued. The curse placed on Avalon would be lifted if whomever used the sword could defeat the Fiend God’s strongest generals: The Demons of the Cycle. The challenge being, that all 13 members of the cycle must be defeated in order and without the master of the sword dying, with only a select few even capable of holding the blade in the first place. Should the sword’s master end up dying, the Demons reincarnate, and the cycle must be repeated again with a new master. Though many rose to the challenge, all with different motivations, every single person to wield the Sword of Excallius failed to complete the cycle before they died. After 800 years, and 99 masters, it seemed like the curse would never be lifted, and the Fiend God would always be able to exert his influence onto the world of man, even in death… That is, until, the sword eventually found its way into the hands of our protagonist…

Okay, enough backstory: ONTO THE BIO!

Jack Bane

Age: 16

The hero of our story. Jack is a kind of typical high school student in a not at all typical high school. He can act jaded and snarky at times because of all the weirdness around him, but he can pretty much always be counted on to be the hero in situations that most normal people would leave to someone else. Considering all the weird stuff he invariably gets dragged into, he doesn’t really get fazed by much, despite his objections to the contrary. Also, because his older sister uses him for demonstrations in her fighting dojo pretty much all the time as a sort of training dummy, he is easily capable of taking a LOT of hits, to the point that if you want to stop Jack, you pretty much have to kill him… Though, that doesn’t mean he’s invincible. It just means that normal amounts of pain are incapable of putting him out of commission. He also has a bit of a habit of getting drawn into fights that he can’t quite win on his own (despite him being a very capable fighter having learned a lot from his sister’s training). This is mostly because though he can take a lot of punishment, he still hasn’t learned how to dish out as much in return… leading to a lot of stalemates against his opponents that usually don’t go his way…

Jack ends up becoming the new master of the Sword of Excallius, due in part to magic shenanigans, when the last master ended up stabbing him in the stomach with the sword after killing a bunch of innocent people, leaving Jack a nasty scar on his stomach. While not against the idea of having his own magical sword , a lot of the complications that come with said sword put him off, though he does eventually warm up to the blade (more on how he can warm up to a sword later…). He also ends up getting recruited by the Fiend Hunters (a sort of “after school club” at his high school composed entirely of fellow classmates who protect humans from Fiend attacks that occur on a regular basis) after he becomes the sword’s master, though he initially wants no part of the club. He eventually ends up getting tricked into doing the group’s initiation by fending off a Fiend attack and as a result is accepted in against his will. Though he protests this at first, he ends up enjoying the perks enough that he just rolls with it, earning him a valuable set of allies to help him fight the 13 Demons (that he also initially wants no part in hunting down) and breaking the cycle.

Now, I lied a little bit in this bio. You see, Jack isn’t actually the protagonist. He is actually one of the deuteragonist of the story. Who’s the other one? Well… I’ll guess you’ll see next bio (which will probably be in, at most, a week in addition to the comic). Anyways, see you next post.


Class Assignment 10 – Final Blog Assignment

Welp, here we go! The final blog assignment! In honor of this occasion, I will continue my tradition of not at all taking these blog assignments seriously. Let’s get this started with the relevant link:

My last assignment was to read the article, then type up a 200-300 word response… That sounds hard. I mean, me, having to read like… what? 6 paragraph article? Then, type up a response that is more than 200 words when I’ve already wasted 77 of those words spouting nothing meaningful at all… WHY MUST THE END OF THE SEMESTER ASSIGNMENTS ALWAYS BE SO TRICKY!? >:O

Now, for once, I actually read the thing… not thoroughly of course, but I still read it. Essentially, this guy is talking about how designers and junk and stuff are going to get a whole lot more creative with their work considering how integrated the various different “mediums” are becoming. Though, I do feel the title is misleading as it doesn’t really give me reasons to be part of the new “breed” of 21st century “creatives”, more just why these creatives are going to be different I guess… Not 100% certain there, because again, I wasn’t being too thorough… BUT OH WELL XP

Anywho, onto my actual thoughts on the thing… I guess I agree with it, based on what I’ve been learning in class these past couple of semesters. My teachers have always been going over how much our potential clients will expect so much of us when we actually get jobs as Graphic Designers (That’s what I’m trying to get an associates for right now, in case you didn’t know). My teachers always told us when we were learning to design things, to always take into account stuff like sounds, how our stuff can be programmed and what not, where the interactive elements can go into our works and what not, and I was learning stuff like that as far back as my first Computer Graphics class where we pretty much only learned Illustrator and Photoshop (my poor sod-like classmates had so much trouble with that class, while I just BREEZED ON THROUGH LIKE A CHAMP >:) ). So yeah, it does strike me as likely that as we go on, people who get into the more creative lines of work are going to have to be capable of more things, they can’t just specialize and expect to remain relevant. (I’m fairly irrelevant at this point, so I think I’m a good authority on this…) People will be more willing to take risks, and sometimes, they will have to make those risks. (I think that was something mentioned in the article. Not entirely sure, but I’m definitely trying to parrot it…) Overall, it is going to become a much less forgiving environment in terms of “creatives”. (I’m now going to replace the word “creatives” with the word “catfish” just for the sake of variety) Things will get much more cut throat, but, that will lead to far more creative “catfish”. Newer, more unique ideas will begin to pop up and possibly flourish, leading to some very successful “catfish”. Then, potential clients are going to see the works of those “catfish” and demand that the work of the “catfish” that they are hiring be just as good. It will lead to this kind of cycle, where all the “catfish” out there are going to have to get a lot better and more well rounded in order to not drown in the sea of all the other average “catfish”. In short: both the words creatives and catfish have lost all meaning to me… But yeah, those are my thoughts on this issue in a completely rambling non concise way… Though I may just be reading too much into the article that I skimmed… Who knows?

Anyways, that was my last class assigned blog post (for now). You can expect most of the posts from now on to be more related to my art, in addition to a couple of other changes around the blog. Maybe. Possibly. Conceivably… At any rate, to all of you other college students who may be reading this post, your semesters I’m guessing are starting to wind down too, so I hope you guys the best in your finals, or whatever, and to enjoy your break… When it finally comes around… But enough, yammering on, I’ll see you guys next post.

PS – This felt wrong not to include, so here is a picture of a catfish. (Also, final word count 764):


Just to confuse all of you guys who look at the preview of this post…

Comic Post #010: Violent Hunger Pangs

Comic 010A

I’ve realized how big of a pain in the ass it must be to read the comic by having to zoom in on it, then scroll all the across to the right, then scroll back over, then down another row, so I decided to start experimenting doing the comic in a single column as opposed to 3, and I also made the panels a little bit bigger, so now: YOU CAN SEE ALL OF MY AMATEURISH LINEWORK UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! Anyway, as long as I don’t get an objections or stumble unto any… “problems”… I’m probably going to do the comics like this from now on.

Also, quick status report before I “sign out”. When the semester is over, I know for a fact that I’ll be able to manage 2 comics a week, but there is an issue with that: good old writer’s block… I’ve been having trouble coming up with comic ideas recently, (this might just be because I’ve been focusing on getting my end of the semester work finished up, who knows?) and I haven’t really been adding too many comics to my back log (I have like 7 more drawn, and another 7 ideas in line after this one, and I want to have way more in the works if I’m going to do 2 a week). So I’m thinking, if I can’t come up with enough ideas in a week, I might actually try putting more effort into the single comic that goes up instead… and by that, I mean try to make it look less crappy and maybe even actually color it. This isn’t set in stone or anything (don’t you just love not having to properly commit to something?), but I feel like giving the head’s up anyways. Anyway, see you guys next comic.

Class Assignment 9 – The Future of Flash

Relevant links:

So for this assignment, I had to read these 2 articles, then type up what I feel Adobe should be doing with Flash considering its current predicament… So guess what I didn’t read 100%? Those 2 articles! : D It’s like you guys know me so well at this point! All like, 6 of you…

So, what do I think Adobe should do with Flash? Well, I don’t feel Adobe should flat out just stop supporting it, but I do think they need to something new with it. As it stands, Flash is considered a subpar option at this point in comparison to things like HTML5 (that’s what I gleamed anyways… I may be misremembering the articles… could’ve been talking about DC’s Flash for all I know…), so I feel Flash needs to work towards a different strength of its… as in, not websites…

Focus more on animation maybe? I feel that’s what most people use Flash for anyways: animations and games that you find on Newgrounds… (How old is that site at this point? I know it’s still around, but like, is it still even popular? I mean, I could just go to the site to check… but that just sounds like work…) I mean, there are still a lot of people who think Flash animations are pretty cool. I guess I could be considered one of them (wouldn’t mind learning how to make my own, REALLY AWESOMELY RETARDED animations after all). And I guess a lot of phone apps are made in Flash too? (I’m going to just assume I’m right here because RESEARCH IS HARD) So yeah… I guess that’s the kind of path Flash should go down: the path of animations, games, and apps, because why not? I like 2 out of 3 of those things and are TOTALLY QUALIFIED to talk on this matter!

Anywho, my brief ramblings on the issue of Flash. Apparently, this was my 2nd to last blog assignment! Just 1 more and this blog can get rebranded to a full blown art blog or some junk and stuff like that… so you guys can look forward to that… or not… or something… Anyways, see you next post.

Comic Post #008: The Not At All Surprising Reveal

Comic 008A

No real news for now. All I can say is that I’m apparently scamming you out of a panel (first combined panel, WOOOOOO!) and apparently Kitsiyuna can smack someone so hard, she can knock their scars right off. (I could go back and fix that last panel, but I’m actually finding it funnier with the screw up being left in) Anyways, see you next comic! (I also decided I’m going to start signing off like they do at the end of Metroid, because I FREAKING LOVE METROID!)

Comic Post #007: Right in the Pain…

Comic 007A

So, in addition to working a job and going to school, I am now in the process of moving out of my house that I’ve been living in for the past 12ish years… Just spent a vast majority of yesterday getting physically exhausted moving some things out already… and we are not even remotely close to being finished… Basically, this is just another thing for me to try to juggle alongside this comic. Good thing I’ve only got like 5 weeks left of school, at which point, I’ll probably just convert this blog into a regular old art blog… then convert right back after summer vacation because I’m almost certain I’ll have to continue doing blog posts for Interactive Design II… so that might be a thing. Overall, I feel like I’m managing everything pretty well, so I don’t think I’ll be slowing down with the comic. Hell, when summer comes around, I might actually speed up my output to twice a week, as I’ll most likely have moved out by then and have a lot of free time on my hands while I’m not at work. So that might also be a thing… Not entirely sure at this point though. I’ll probably let those who are actually interested posted as these things develop. Anyway, see you next comic!