Comic Post #007: Right in the Pain…

Comic 007A

So, in addition to working a job and going to school, I am now in the process of moving out of my house that I’ve been living in for the past 12ish years… Just spent a vast majority of yesterday getting physically exhausted moving some things out already… and we are not even remotely close to being finished… Basically, this is just another thing for me to try to juggle alongside this comic. Good thing I’ve only got like 5 weeks left of school, at which point, I’ll probably just convert this blog into a regular old art blog… then convert right back after summer vacation because I’m almost certain I’ll have to continue doing blog posts for Interactive Design II… so that might be a thing. Overall, I feel like I’m managing everything pretty well, so I don’t think I’ll be slowing down with the comic. Hell, when summer comes around, I might actually speed up my output to twice a week, as I’ll most likely have moved out by then and have a lot of free time on my hands while I’m not at work. So that might also be a thing… Not entirely sure at this point though. I’ll probably let those who are actually interested posted as these things develop. Anyway, see you next comic!


2 thoughts on “Comic Post #007: Right in the Pain…

  1. There’s definitely something crazy about this story line, and that’s appealing. Hey, don’t just make a regular old art blog. Find some way to post your work frame by frame (here you have a multi-frame image that doesn’t read from far away and I had to click it, zoom in, and then navigate in my browser zoom tool to read each frame, which is a program designed for two year olds and it’s a pain in the ass). You should post frame by frame an entire comic book. I’d subscribe. I liked the “artist at work” I saw in your frames! And I hope this doesn’t read as a regular old comment! Rock on!


    • I know that is an issue with a lot of comics out there (I’ve kind of noticed it myself with this comic), but was never really able to think of a good solution… I assume you mean post the entire comic into 1 long column? Because that does sound like a smarter way to do it, and a really simple one at that… I suppose I’ll try something like that for the next one (which in regards to this comment would be like 10, I think? I’m not used to checking for comments yet, so that’s why it took me so long to see this…). But anyways, thanks for the feedback, and I’m glad you’re liking what you’re seeing so far.

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