Class Assignment 9 – The Future of Flash

Relevant links:

So for this assignment, I had to read these 2 articles, then type up what I feel Adobe should be doing with Flash considering its current predicament… So guess what I didn’t read 100%? Those 2 articles! : D It’s like you guys know me so well at this point! All like, 6 of you…

So, what do I think Adobe should do with Flash? Well, I don’t feel Adobe should flat out just stop supporting it, but I do think they need to something new with it. As it stands, Flash is considered a subpar option at this point in comparison to things like HTML5 (that’s what I gleamed anyways… I may be misremembering the articles… could’ve been talking about DC’s Flash for all I know…), so I feel Flash needs to work towards a different strength of its… as in, not websites…

Focus more on animation maybe? I feel that’s what most people use Flash for anyways: animations and games that you find on Newgrounds… (How old is that site at this point? I know it’s still around, but like, is it still even popular? I mean, I could just go to the site to check… but that just sounds like work…) I mean, there are still a lot of people who think Flash animations are pretty cool. I guess I could be considered one of them (wouldn’t mind learning how to make my own, REALLY AWESOMELY RETARDED animations after all). And I guess a lot of phone apps are made in Flash too? (I’m going to just assume I’m right here because RESEARCH IS HARD) So yeah… I guess that’s the kind of path Flash should go down: the path of animations, games, and apps, because why not? I like 2 out of 3 of those things and are TOTALLY QUALIFIED to talk on this matter!

Anywho, my brief ramblings on the issue of Flash. Apparently, this was my 2nd to last blog assignment! Just 1 more and this blog can get rebranded to a full blown art blog or some junk and stuff like that… so you guys can look forward to that… or not… or something… Anyways, see you next post.


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