Comic Post #010: Violent Hunger Pangs

Comic 010A

I’ve realized how big of a pain in the ass it must be to read the comic by having to zoom in on it, then scroll all the across to the right, then scroll back over, then down another row, so I decided to start experimenting doing the comic in a single column as opposed to 3, and I also made the panels a little bit bigger, so now: YOU CAN SEE ALL OF MY AMATEURISH LINEWORK UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! Anyway, as long as I don’t get an objections or stumble unto any… “problems”… I’m probably going to do the comics like this from now on.

Also, quick status report before I “sign out”. When the semester is over, I know for a fact that I’ll be able to manage 2 comics a week, but there is an issue with that: good old writer’s block… I’ve been having trouble coming up with comic ideas recently, (this might just be because I’ve been focusing on getting my end of the semester work finished up, who knows?) and I haven’t really been adding too many comics to my back log (I have like 7 more drawn, and another 7 ideas in line after this one, and I want to have way more in the works if I’m going to do 2 a week). So I’m thinking, if I can’t come up with enough ideas in a week, I might actually try putting more effort into the single comic that goes up instead… and by that, I mean try to make it look less crappy and maybe even actually color it. This isn’t set in stone or anything (don’t you just love not having to properly commit to something?), but I feel like giving the head’s up anyways. Anyway, see you guys next comic.


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