Class Assignment 10 – Final Blog Assignment

Welp, here we go! The final blog assignment! In honor of this occasion, I will continue my tradition of not at all taking these blog assignments seriously. Let’s get this started with the relevant link:

My last assignment was to read the article, then type up a 200-300 word response… That sounds hard. I mean, me, having to read like… what? 6 paragraph article? Then, type up a response that is more than 200 words when I’ve already wasted 77 of those words spouting nothing meaningful at all… WHY MUST THE END OF THE SEMESTER ASSIGNMENTS ALWAYS BE SO TRICKY!? >:O

Now, for once, I actually read the thing… not thoroughly of course, but I still read it. Essentially, this guy is talking about how designers and junk and stuff are going to get a whole lot more creative with their work considering how integrated the various different “mediums” are becoming. Though, I do feel the title is misleading as it doesn’t really give me reasons to be part of the new “breed” of 21st century “creatives”, more just why these creatives are going to be different I guess… Not 100% certain there, because again, I wasn’t being too thorough… BUT OH WELL XP

Anywho, onto my actual thoughts on the thing… I guess I agree with it, based on what I’ve been learning in class these past couple of semesters. My teachers have always been going over how much our potential clients will expect so much of us when we actually get jobs as Graphic Designers (That’s what I’m trying to get an associates for right now, in case you didn’t know). My teachers always told us when we were learning to design things, to always take into account stuff like sounds, how our stuff can be programmed and what not, where the interactive elements can go into our works and what not, and I was learning stuff like that as far back as my first Computer Graphics class where we pretty much only learned Illustrator and Photoshop (my poor sod-like classmates had so much trouble with that class, while I just BREEZED ON THROUGH LIKE A CHAMP >:) ). So yeah, it does strike me as likely that as we go on, people who get into the more creative lines of work are going to have to be capable of more things, they can’t just specialize and expect to remain relevant. (I’m fairly irrelevant at this point, so I think I’m a good authority on this…) People will be more willing to take risks, and sometimes, they will have to make those risks. (I think that was something mentioned in the article. Not entirely sure, but I’m definitely trying to parrot it…) Overall, it is going to become a much less forgiving environment in terms of “creatives”. (I’m now going to replace the word “creatives” with the word “catfish” just for the sake of variety) Things will get much more cut throat, but, that will lead to far more creative “catfish”. Newer, more unique ideas will begin to pop up and possibly flourish, leading to some very successful “catfish”. Then, potential clients are going to see the works of those “catfish” and demand that the work of the “catfish” that they are hiring be just as good. It will lead to this kind of cycle, where all the “catfish” out there are going to have to get a lot better and more well rounded in order to not drown in the sea of all the other average “catfish”. In short: both the words creatives and catfish have lost all meaning to me… But yeah, those are my thoughts on this issue in a completely rambling non concise way… Though I may just be reading too much into the article that I skimmed… Who knows?

Anyways, that was my last class assigned blog post (for now). You can expect most of the posts from now on to be more related to my art, in addition to a couple of other changes around the blog. Maybe. Possibly. Conceivably… At any rate, to all of you other college students who may be reading this post, your semesters I’m guessing are starting to wind down too, so I hope you guys the best in your finals, or whatever, and to enjoy your break… When it finally comes around… But enough, yammering on, I’ll see you guys next post.

PS – This felt wrong not to include, so here is a picture of a catfish. (Also, final word count 764):


Just to confuse all of you guys who look at the preview of this post…


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