Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #1

So here’s one I’ve had lying in the wait for a while now. I wasn’t holding it back for any particular reason, I just… forgot about the picture for about 2 weeks… Anywho, here’s another picture for you guys:

Jack Coloring

I colored this one in a slightly different way just because… Also, this is a character for a series completely different from Night Fox! Wooh! Exciting! Riveting! Rambling 1 word statements of increased interest in a particular thing! Yes, as I stated earlier… somewhere (probably on this blog, though it could have been all in my head…), that I have a lot of different ideas for series outside of Night Fox. So, I decided: Why not spout off a couple of these ideas here on the blog? Maybe get some feedback on them, maybe? Or ya know, not. This blog isn’t exactly well known and popular. OH WELL. THAT WON’T STOP ME FROM DOING IT. Without further ado, I present to you the main character from my second idea for a series: Sword of Excallius.

Well, first I should probably tell you just what the story would be about… That would make it far more easier for you to understand stuff in the character bio after all. (Quick FYI: Changing the format for the bios… Not that I’m sure any of you care… But I’m doing this so I don’t have to BS as much info for a character I haven’t thought that much about or have to keep blaring SPOILERS for a plot thing that I may or may not want to actually keep secret)


Some 800 years in the past, there existed a kingdom known as Excallius in a region of the world known as Avalon. He who sat upon the throne of Excallius was considered high king of all of Avalon, and had almost universal control of all magic, thanks in part to the mighty Sovereign Seal of Excallius. Originally created by the gods that watched over the world, the Sovereign Seal was entrusted to High King Idrissil of Excallius, a brave, noble, and fair leader. However, one god was not happy with this decision.

A nameless god, just like the others, known only by his association with those who follow him, a race of creatures known as Fiends, whose appearance and actions live up to their name. For several hundred years, the Fiend God had been ordering his spawn to attack humans in an attempt to put them into line, but when news of the Sovereign Seal being gifted to a human reached his ears, the Fiend God declared all out war against the humans of Avalon. The conflict lasted for several years, with the Fiend God unable to unleash his true power due to the protection brought on by the Sovereign Seal. That is, until one day, the Fiend God was able to breach the walls of Excallius and raid the castle.

King Idrissil stood his ground, and faced the god one on one, and with great skill and fortune, landed a mortal blow to the Fiend God. Unfortunately for the denizens of Avalon, it wasn’t enough. The Fiend God was still able to lay his hand on the Sovereign Seal, and with his dying breath, place a curse on all of Avalon. With the power of the Seal being abused, the curse took immediate effect and reached the furthest edges of Avalon. All plant life immediately died, the settlements in the land began to crumble into dust, and all the people faded out of existence, leaving no traces behind. Even the Sovereign Seal crumbled away into nothingness. In one fell swoop, all of Avalon faded into a land of death and despair, to be all but forgotten by history, as the only thing left of it, was ruin. Everything, that is, except a lone blade plunged into the ground where the throne of Excallius used to lay. This blade, would be known as the Sword of Excallius.

The sword was eventually found, and with it, a final challenge from the Fiend God was issued. The curse placed on Avalon would be lifted if whomever used the sword could defeat the Fiend God’s strongest generals: The Demons of the Cycle. The challenge being, that all 13 members of the cycle must be defeated in order and without the master of the sword dying, with only a select few even capable of holding the blade in the first place. Should the sword’s master end up dying, the Demons reincarnate, and the cycle must be repeated again with a new master. Though many rose to the challenge, all with different motivations, every single person to wield the Sword of Excallius failed to complete the cycle before they died. After 800 years, and 99 masters, it seemed like the curse would never be lifted, and the Fiend God would always be able to exert his influence onto the world of man, even in death… That is, until, the sword eventually found its way into the hands of our protagonist…

Okay, enough backstory: ONTO THE BIO!

Jack Bane

Age: 16

The hero of our story. Jack is a kind of typical high school student in a not at all typical high school. He can act jaded and snarky at times because of all the weirdness around him, but he can pretty much always be counted on to be the hero in situations that most normal people would leave to someone else. Considering all the weird stuff he invariably gets dragged into, he doesn’t really get fazed by much, despite his objections to the contrary. Also, because his older sister uses him for demonstrations in her fighting dojo pretty much all the time as a sort of training dummy, he is easily capable of taking a LOT of hits, to the point that if you want to stop Jack, you pretty much have to kill him… Though, that doesn’t mean he’s invincible. It just means that normal amounts of pain are incapable of putting him out of commission. He also has a bit of a habit of getting drawn into fights that he can’t quite win on his own (despite him being a very capable fighter having learned a lot from his sister’s training). This is mostly because though he can take a lot of punishment, he still hasn’t learned how to dish out as much in return… leading to a lot of stalemates against his opponents that usually don’t go his way…

Jack ends up becoming the new master of the Sword of Excallius, due in part to magic shenanigans, when the last master ended up stabbing him in the stomach with the sword after killing a bunch of innocent people, leaving Jack a nasty scar on his stomach. While not against the idea of having his own magical sword , a lot of the complications that come with said sword put him off, though he does eventually warm up to the blade (more on how he can warm up to a sword later…). He also ends up getting recruited by the Fiend Hunters (a sort of “after school club” at his high school composed entirely of fellow classmates who protect humans from Fiend attacks that occur on a regular basis) after he becomes the sword’s master, though he initially wants no part of the club. He eventually ends up getting tricked into doing the group’s initiation by fending off a Fiend attack and as a result is accepted in against his will. Though he protests this at first, he ends up enjoying the perks enough that he just rolls with it, earning him a valuable set of allies to help him fight the 13 Demons (that he also initially wants no part in hunting down) and breaking the cycle.

Now, I lied a little bit in this bio. You see, Jack isn’t actually the protagonist. He is actually one of the deuteragonist of the story. Who’s the other one? Well… I’ll guess you’ll see next bio (which will probably be in, at most, a week in addition to the comic). Anyways, see you next post.


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