Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #3

Here’s another bio ‘CAUSE WHY NOT YOU GUYZ?

Elena Coloring

Elena Rhodes

Age: 18

President of the Fiend Hunters club, the group of students at Jack’s school that devote most of their time hunting down Fiends. She has a very bold and determined personality and will never surrender, especially if the stakes are high. Despite her love of fighting and combat, she is very friendly and personable, though she can get rather blunt and snarky. She also has a very strong sense of justice and can get overprotective of those she thinks need protecting. But on the flip side, she does have a bad habit of overestimating her fellow Fiend Hunters in combat, with them often getting into situations she thinks are easy but are way beyond the rest of the group’s skill level. Elena can also get a tad over competitive with other groups who also hunt Fiends, often going out of her way to sabotage the other groups to insure the Fiend Hunters get the kill.

Given Elena’s competitive nature coupled with her very high fighting skill level, she naturally uses a very difficult and technical fighting style (meaning impossible to do in real life) as a display of skill. She fights using a large sheath that she carries on her back that can carry upwards of 50 swords if properly set in called a Sword Quiver. Utilizing the massive number of swords she carries on her at a given time, Elena uses a style she dubs “Omni Wielding”, where the user tries to use as many different swords as they can all at the same time, this being accomplished by using swords with very small, narrow handles and no cross guards, further increasing the skill level required to do such a style.

Needless to say, Elena has mastered this fighting style and is incredibly proficient at it, being able to switch out swords in a matter of milliseconds (all the swords are more or less identical, so this is only really necessary for style points…), swing the swords from the heels of her boots for added range (like how Raiden from Metal Gear Solid does it), and can even run across the tops of the swords as easily as if she was moving across actual ground. Heck, by utilizing her Sword Quiver’s built in launching mechanism, she can fire out spare swords to create actual makeshift ladders and platforms for her to get around more easily. Or, she could just use the mechanism in tandem with Trace (which is basically just pseudo magic made after the destruction of the Sovereign Seal made real magic much harder to do), she can fire off a continuous self-replenishing volley of swords at her enemies in a technique she dubs the “Sword Stream”. However, by far, her most impressive ability is her “Guardian Swordfall” technique. This technique involves launching all of her swords straight up into the sky, where they will all come crashing point down at blinding speeds over an incredibly wide area, often decimating her opponents. It’s called the Guardian Swordfall because of how the swords actually fall. They are pretty much guaranteed to all land on top of any and all potential threats within an area, completely missing any innocent bystanders Elena doesn’t want to hit in the process, and when the swords do come down, for a split second, they look likes beams of light coming down from the heavens to rain down judgement. So in summary: Elena is a pretty big game-breaker in terms of strength, which is why she is in charge of the Fiend Hunters.

So… yeah… Elena is pretty OP, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of how strong the bad guys are going to be in Sword of Excallius, SO… I think Jack and Camilla are going to be needing her help a lot early on… Anyway: WHAT INSPIRED THIS CHARACTER TIME! When I came up with Elena, I had a bit of a cursory understanding of Attack on Titan. In that show, people fight titans with really sharp blades that have a tendency to break and dull, so they have to carry around a bunch of blades with them. They also use grappling hooks mounted to their waists so that they can maneuver around better against the titans (they’re apparently waist mounted so as to encourage the body to remain in an upright position, reducing the amount of stress that the grappling would cause on the body). Now, when I first saw the character designs, I thought those grappling hooks were where the kept all of their swords… And the idea of that then reminded me of the Hwacha (link for those who don’t know what that is:… And following that train of thought and combing the two things, I came up with the Sword Quiver. Having come up with a crazy weapon like that, naturally I needed a character with a crazy fighting style to match. So I came up with all the stupid show-offy moves and abilities, but still didn’t have a design to go with either. Then further inspiration struck! Around this time, I was playing a game called Project X Zone (which is basically a crossover game using Capcom, Sega, and Namco characters). There were a particular group of characters whose source game seemed really interesting to me (though, as of typing this, I still haven’t played it yet) called God Eaters (which is kind of like Monster Hunter from my understanding)… Anywho, I ended up liking the characters from God Eaters and decided to use them as a base, design wise. I decided I wanted the character I was designing to be female, so I took aspects from the female God Eater character in the game (named Alisa, who looks like this: and incorporate some of them into Elena’s design (in addition to another character’s design I’ll show you guys at a later time) and then toned down a bit of the fan-servicey aspects (which, thinking about some of the character designs I have, sounds kind of like a weird thing for me to do). And that’s what inspired Elena. So if you’re ever having trouble coming up with creative ideas for stuff, just steal a bunch of concepts and aspects from all sorts of sources at the same time ‘n mash them together into one amalgamation of junk and stuff! It’s been serving me pretty well up till this point. And with all that typing done, I’ll see you next post.


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