Comic Post #018: I Keep Telling You…

I think I was right in believing that you guys don’t actually read the words in my post… At least, if I base things off of what I ended up posting last week… Anywho… next comic:

Comic 018A

Yes, I went back to more than a single column for this one, if only because I wanted to do another double panel, and fitting that into a 13-panel document would have made the damn file big enough, that working on it would’ve been an incredibly slow and laggy on my sucky ass computer… And I just don’t have the patients for that. Also, you may have noticed I experimented with shading in this comic, both on the computer and during the drawing phase for the comic, and I’m thinking to myself: this wasn’t that hard to do, didn’t take that much extra time to do it, and it makes the comic look just a little nicer. So you can probably expect more of it in the future. I’m actually thinking of maybe just skipping the inking phase on the computer for the most part, and just go over my sketches with a pen, which is what I did for the double panel, because I think it turned out nice. (I would still probably use the computer to clean up mistakes though). Overall, I AM PLEASED with how this turned out. It was my biggest comic yet, and I was still able to get it up on time, especially considering I’ve been busy with other things: namely that RPG I mentioned making (last post if you didn’t read that!). I finally got RPG Maker onto this computer, and I’ve made some good progress on it, as I more or less have all of the playable character’s “simple” abilities up and running (ie, ones that don’t require a stupid amount of in-game scripting and coming up with my own formulas and junk for how they work). I think what is going to take the longest with this is definitely going to be creating all the art assets. I will say this right now: if I can find assets that work for the game, I WILL USE THEM instead of going out of my way to make them by scratch (that’s not to say I won’t make some modifications however to make them fit better. I’m not that lazy). And, because I can, here are some screen shots of the work in progress! Just keep in mind that a lot of the graphics aren’t quite finalized yet:

Screenshot Compilation

Top Left: Alex casting a spell called Bloody Retribution on a Mandragora

Top Right: Kitsiyuna casting a spell called Fox Fire Blast on a creature called a Cornossa (in game, that is going to be massive over kill)

Middle Left: Some enemies taking damage while preparing to attack

Middle Right: Alex, Kitsiyuna, and Kaz browsing the local “occult” shop where Alex buys all of his stuff, called Offworld Oddities (it’ll show up in the comic at some point)

Bottom Left: A look at some of the magic Alex knows

Bottom Right: A look at Alex’s equipment in addition to his status

Okay. I think that’s everything I wanted to go over again this week. I’ll probably post more screenshots alongside the comics as I get more done. I know the RPG is going to take a lot of work, even though I am aiming for something at the moment, but hopefully I’ll actually get around to finishing it eventually. With, that, I’ll see you next post.


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