Comic Post #024: Rooting Around for Answers

Comic 024A

Whelp, we’re finally done with this little story arc. What lies in store in the future for our duo? Tune in next week to find out!

Anyway, I probably need to get around to writing some more because I’ve kind of gone through most of my backlog… again… I really need to stop doing that. But enough about that. How about the fact that this is going to be the last comic I post while I’m still 21? Because after next Tuesday (the 4th if you don’t like math), I’m going to be turning 22! Exciting isn’t it…!? …Yeah, would’ve been a lot more special last year considering NOBODY CARES WHEN YOU TURN 22! Not even the person turning 22 (I honestly forgot my birthday was coming up in the first place… God, that makes me feel old). But that’s the only thing I’ve got going on right now (I’ve been getting so little done with the RPG recently I sometimes forget I’m actually trying to finish it…), so yeah, that’s all from me, and I’ll see you next comic.


Comic Post #023: Going Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time

Comic 023A

In my mind: a villain doesn’t have to do anything smart or threatening to be a good villain. Their antics just have to lead to SOMETHING entertaining…

Anyways, we’re finishing up with this little “mini-arc”… Which means I’m going to have to focus on typing up the scripts for some more comics soon… Something I’ve kind of been neglecting to do a lot of. Been neglecting to get to work on a lot of things I said I’d be doing… So nothing to really report in on… Been too busy getting excited for a card game I like playing getting an expansion sometime in August. (Yes, I like card games…) So what card game is it? I’ll give you a hint: it’s online and they just announced the expansion yesterday. Those of you who actually care enough will know what I’m talking about. And those who don’t… will probably ignore all this and continue not caring. Anywho, that’s all I got, so I’ll see you all next comic.

Comic Post #022: Time For the Tiebreaker

Comic 022A

Don’t you hate it when ever an 800 pound ogre gets thrown at you? I know I do, so in a way, this comic speaks from personal experience…

Anyway, don’t have much news to report on any front this week. Though, I will say, next week’s comic is probably going to be up earlier than usual, because I had the whole thing drawn already for weeks now… This is, off course, before I decided to start shading in the comics, so I might go back and do that, so it looks more consistent with the rest of the comics I’ve been doing recently. But, that’s all I have to say, and with that, I’ll see you next comic.

Comic Post #021: But This Is The Kind of World We Live In

Comic 021A


Yes, slowly, yet steadily, I seem to be adding more and more to the comics. Who knows? Maybe I’ll put some ACTUAL EFFORT into the drawings! (Don’t misread that like I’m full of myself or anything, which I can be sometimes… It’s just, I try to get these drawn as fast as possible, so I only spend like maybe 5 minutes on each panel. Maybe eventually I’ll jump that up to 10. OR MAYBE I’LL ADD SOME ACTUAL COLOR! …eventually…) Still, I do really feel like the comic is forming itself rather well. It won’t be much longer before I have 15 PEOPLE following thew blog… We do all have to dream big sometimes…

RPG progress report: planned out a BUTTLOAD of items to add. Some of them are useful. A LOT of them are just going to be there mostly for flavor. Because flavor is flavorful… Anyway, pretty much all the enemies I have planned out have at least like 5 different drops that are unique to them. While most of the more “useless” items are going to mostly be there for side quests and “crafting”, (not quite sure if I’m going to do one yet. RPG Maker doesn’t allow for an in-depth one by default, so if there is going to be one, it will be rather simple. That being said, I have found a script that can allow for some more “complex” crafting… we’ll just have to wait and see if it works out) almost all items are going to have some kind of in battle use. It’s just for a lot of them, your going to have to figure out just what half of them really do (And at this stage, so am I, because I’ve only come up with concrete uses for only a couple of items so far). Overall, still not even close to finishing, but still: progress is still chugging along.

Anyways, that’s all for this week, so I’ll see you next comic.

(PS – If you’re wondering why sometimes they say the name of the spells, and sometimes they don’t, it’s because saying the name of the spell IS part of the incantation for casting it, though, once you get familiar enough with a spell, you can just think the spell’s name and it will cast. So in other words, when a character says the name of a spell, it’s because they haven’t quite mastered it yet, which is going to be the case usually for more powerful spells.)

(PPS – Not that I’m sure any of you were ACTUALLY wondering that…)

Comic Post #020: Line Up for Your Beating

Comic 020A

Hurray for clunky exposition jammed into dialogue while two people are fighting! …Yeah, I know it’s silly, but sometimes it’s necessary… sometimes… Anyway, RPG status update: mostly just worked on the enemy art assets this week. While they aren’t perfect, I’m reasonable pleased with the way they’re turning out. Probably will post some of the better ones that I don’t feel the need to continue editing on the blog…eventually. At any rate, that’s all I wanted to post for now, so, happy 4th of July, and I’ll see you next comic.