Comic Post #023: Going Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time

Comic 023A

In my mind: a villain doesn’t have to do anything smart or threatening to be a good villain. Their antics just have to lead to SOMETHING entertaining…

Anyways, we’re finishing up with this little “mini-arc”… Which means I’m going to have to focus on typing up the scripts for some more comics soon… Something I’ve kind of been neglecting to do a lot of. Been neglecting to get to work on a lot of things I said I’d be doing… So nothing to really report in on… Been too busy getting excited for a card game I like playing getting an expansion sometime in August. (Yes, I like card games…) So what card game is it? I’ll give you a hint: it’s online and they just announced the expansion yesterday. Those of you who actually care enough will know what I’m talking about. And those who don’t… will probably ignore all this and continue not caring. Anywho, that’s all I got, so I’ll see you all next comic.


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