Comic Post #027: Exhaustion Is Only A Phase

Comic 027A

Being a bit of an insomniac myself, I feel the same way about sleep a lot of the time… Also, I would pay a decent amount of money for a potion that would allow me to “vomit” lightning off of myself…

Anyways, classes start up again for me on Monday. Thankfully, this is going to be my last semester, and I only attend class 2 days a week. That being said, one of the classes is Interactive Design II, the sequel to the class that had me start up this blog in the first place. So, for the next 16 weeks or so, this blog might go back to including posts required for my classes… possibly. I’m not actually sure at this point. One thing I will say though, is that you can probably actually expect me to be MORE productive with the comic when classes start up (because I’ll be at school, where I won’t have access to all the stuff I have at home that keeps me all distracted and what not and where the primary thing I do to pass the time IS draw), so I just might end up putting more effort into the comic or something… Maybe.. Possibly… Ramble ramble ramble…

But that’s more or less all for now, so for now, I’ll see you next comic.


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