Comic Post #028: Bad Dreams…

Comic 028A

What’s this!? A comic where I’m not specifically trying to be funny!? What’s up with that HUH!?

Anyways, already did my first week of classes, and as it turns out, I don’t have to do any blog posts for it, so this blog can continue to stay school work free! Also, the next comic might be a tad delayed, as it is a pretty big one, so I haven’t had too much time to get work done on it due to the aforementioned classes. I’ve been paying TOO much attention in them, so I couldn’t focus on drawing the comic and not… paying… attention.(Just felt it reflects pretty badly on me, when on my last semester, I’m already not caring about getting my work done the very first week…

In summary: expect potential delays. Also in summary, I’ll see you next comic.


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