Comic Post #030: How Heartwarming or Something

Comic 030A

And now a comic where my main focus is to be touching… GOD THESE TONAL SHIFTS ARE WEIRD AREN’T THEY!? If you don’t think so, then what I have to say in the post with this comic might:

So, I have a bit of a story to go with this. It has nothing to do with the comic itself, it has something to do with something else I was GOING to post before this comic… and it is something I’m FUCKING pissed off about. That’s right. I just said fuck without censoring it with cutesy asterisks. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW FUCKING PISSED OFF I AM. Basically, I was going to be posting another character bio, something I haven’t done in 3 months. The character I was going to post had a lot of mythological stuff that went into their design and character that I decided to explain and elaborate on. I even linked to some external sites (mostly Wikipedia like always) to provide more information on said myths. Here’s the thing, while I was typing all of this stuff up in the post, I was looking up all the proper links and stuff in separate tabs while still keeping the draft open. Then my PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT COMPUTER THAT I WANT TO GAIN SENTIENCE ONLY SO I CAN INSTILL THE FEAR OF DEATH INTO IT decided the tab had been inactive for too long and refreshed it. So all of that typing I did for the bio was gone, just fucking like that. I was doing that for over an hour, and apparently it didn’t register ANY OF THE TIMES I TOLD IT TO FUCKING SAVE THE DRAFT. So basically, my computer decided to make that hour of my life a complete waste of time. MY FUCKING COMPUTER ESSENTIALLY ROBBED ME OF OVER AN HOUR OF MY LIFE THAT IT SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO. So yeah. I have to type it all up again. One problem, I don’t remember ANY of what I had typed up, and I really don’t feel like spending another hour trying to figure out what I typed up again.

To summarize all of that: I had another post planned for this week that I had to give up on because my computer is A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FUCKING BASTARD THAT I HOPE ROTS IN HELL AS SOON AS I CAN GET A SUITABLE REPLACEMENT FOR IT… and if I ever feel up to actually posting it again, it’s probably going to be an abridged version of the original post… So yeah. I am kind of EXTREMELY annoyed right now, and I want you guys to know it. At any rate, see you guys next comic… provided my fucking computer doesn’t fuck it up…


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