Art Post – Sword of Excallius Character Bio #4

You know what? My computer may have screwed up the other character bio I was trying to post… But that doesn’t mean I can’t post a bio for another character. (Because after all, I’ve been spending a lot of time “semi-coloring” in the drawings I’ve got scanned onto my computer… At this point I should actually start showing them…) Without further ado, here is the fourth bio for Sword of Excallius (just 3 months late…).

Galgen Semi-Color

Name: Galgen Todmeister

Age: 35

Camilla’s original 100th master. A tall, intimidating, power hungry sociopath, with the personality to match. Of course, that personality is what drove him to lose Camilla in the first place, as, after he used Camilla to stab Jack after massacring a bunch of people Camilla didn’t want to kill, she used that as an opportunity to jump ship and get a new master. Of course, when he was her master, he always kept her in her sword form at all times, seeing her as nothing more than a weapon, constantly ignoring her pleas to stop slaughtering innocent people in order to make her more powerful. When Camilla first made the jump to Jack, she ended up fended Galgen off by cutting off his right hand so that he wouldn’t be able to use her anymore. Galgen did not take that little bit of “insubordination” too well. He ended up tracking down a replacement hand called the Claw of Mordred, which is as evil and twisted as it looks and sounds, and grafted it to his body, giving him access to powerful dark magic. Of course, a man as maniacal as Galgen doesn’t just stop there on their quest for power. He also hunted down another powerful magic weapon, the Blade of Felgore, a weapon very similar in nature to Camilla (SPOILER: It’s actually another person who can transform into a sword as well), and uses the two in tandem to try to kill Jack and reclaim Camilla again. Because hey, if you already have one magical, all powerful sword, who’s to say you can’t have two?

And there we have it: our first villain bio! WOOOH! I’m going to do my best to try to keep posting bios on a regular basis, considering I’ve done enough art for most of the characters by now (though ironically, the character who would make logical sense to do next, the human form of the Blade of Felgore, I haven’t actually drawn in their human form yet…). So, basically, you guys can probably expect a little bit more than a single post a week… Probably… And before you go laughing at this guy’s last name, I’ll have you know that it’s actually supposed to mean “death master” in German (…at least that’s what Google translate tells me…). At any rate, I don’t have much else to say outside of the bio, so I’ll see you next post.


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