Comic Post #031: A Story of Another Time

Comic 031A

For those who are wondering just what Kitsiyuna is talking about in this comic: it’s a reference to the first draft I had for Night Fox’s story before I decided to make the story about NOTHING IN PARTICULAR. Given the fact that Alex is asking Kitsiyuna to basically retell this story to him later, I think you guys can tell I haven’t completely dropped that particular story. Now, as to when I’m going to tell it: NO FREAKING CLUE. I have another “mini-arc” planned in the near future, and I’m not sure how long that one is going to take (and because it’s going to be introducing some characters I’ve been meaning to introduce in the comic proper for MONTHS, I’m not switching the order I’m going to be posting them). Still, exciting stuff… EVENTUALLY!

In other news, my school work is starting to actually compete with my designated comic time, so I might start posting updates a little bit later than usual… Just an FYI. And with that, I’ll see you next comic.


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