Comic Post #037: Some Handy Information

Good news everyone! I stopped being lazy and finally decided to list all of the comics I’ve done on one page to make it easier for people to view them all! I’m going to start including a link to it at the start of each comic post now.

(It’s going to look something like this -> Go to Comic Archive )

It’s also going to be under the menu button on the top of the blog, so you can find it that way too. Anyway: New comic!

Comic 037A

I thought my work load from classes was going to lighten up just a tad… Boy was I wrong, and it’s partially my fault… I decided to do something really intensive for one of my classes as a project… A project which doesn’t require half as much effort as I am going to be putting into it… Because what I’m going to be doing involves drawing more comics: A BUTTLOAD of them! And none of which are going to be related to this comic… So if you see the updates for THIS comic slowing down over the next 3 weeks or so… It’s probably going to be because I got burned out working on other comics and I needed a break. Other than that and setting up an archive for the comics, I’ve got nothing else to say, so: I’ll see you next comic.


Comic Post #036: Something New…

Comic 036A

We’re getting SOOOO close to me actually doing this comic in color… But god damn it all if I’m not too lazy of a bastard to do that… Oh well, at least I’m still somewhat trying for now… Not much else new wise other than classes are a pain in the butt to deal with (Trying to create a portfolio of your best work off of 22 years of life is rather tiring, especially when you still feel personally your work isn’t extensive nor astounding enough for one…). Other than that, I’ll see you next comic.

Comic Post #034: How to Make Friends (If You Have No Concept of What a Friend Is)

Comic 034A

I’m not one for making jokes in regards to series I don’t know particularly well, and I was half tempted to reference a different anime… But then I got the exact same results Kitsiyuna got in a Google Image search when I realized: It’s probably good enough for the joke… Also, for those of you who don’t know what a “waifu” is: enjoy… You are now welcome for me introducing the concept to you and may you be kind in judging humanity from this point forward…

At any rate, you may have noticed I did a panel in full color for the hell of it. I decided to sort of test the waters to see if that’s something I could do for the entire comic… and well, it does seem doable to me… Just not while I still have classes… Too much homework and what not. Also, saying it right here: I stopped trying to finish the RPG… Not that any of you guys cared. I got too side tracked for about a month and I just decided to stop… Mostly because there’s going to be a new version of RPG Maker coming out and I know for a fact all of the assets I made aren’t going to be 100% compatable… That being said, I do have plans for SOMETHING when this new version comes out. Just have to wait and see what the new one can do first. And with that, I’ll see you next comic.

Comic Post #033: What Else Are Friends Good For?

Comic 033A

You want to make friends with someone really quick? Call them up and ask them that exact same question. Trust me! It works!

Anyways, this comic is coming up particularly early this week because I’m not sure I’m going to have power when the weekend comes… And no, it’s not because I’m poor and can’t pay for electricity (at the very least, I am EXTREMELY poor though)… It’s because there’s a chance that where I live is going to be getting hit by a hurricane over the weekend. Fun prospect I know. Did I mention I think hurricanes suck? Anyways, I’m going to be responsible and get this one up early just in case. Now, in case the hurricane does knock out the power, I’ll at least be able to draw up the next couple of weeks’ comics… And not much else, because all the school work I would be doing requires a computer…WHY MUST YOU HAVE SUCH A FATAL FLAW TECHNOLOGY!? WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE!? WHY MUST YOU CONSTANTLY FIND WAYS TO DRIVE A WEDGE BETWEEN US!? *Ahem…* So yeah, if the power goes down for me, it shouldn’t really affect my ability to post things is what I’m getting at. With that, I’ll see you next comic.