Comic Post #034: How to Make Friends (If You Have No Concept of What a Friend Is)

Comic 034A

I’m not one for making jokes in regards to series I don’t know particularly well, and I was half tempted to reference a different anime… But then I got the exact same results Kitsiyuna got in a Google Image search when I realized: It’s probably good enough for the joke… Also, for those of you who don’t know what a “waifu” is: enjoy… You are now welcome for me introducing the concept to you and may you be kind in judging humanity from this point forward…

At any rate, you may have noticed I did a panel in full color for the hell of it. I decided to sort of test the waters to see if that’s something I could do for the entire comic… and well, it does seem doable to me… Just not while I still have classes… Too much homework and what not. Also, saying it right here: I stopped trying to finish the RPG… Not that any of you guys cared. I got too side tracked for about a month and I just decided to stop… Mostly because there’s going to be a new version of RPG Maker coming out and I know for a fact all of the assets I made aren’t going to be 100% compatable… That being said, I do have plans for SOMETHING when this new version comes out. Just have to wait and see what the new one can do first. And with that, I’ll see you next comic.


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