Comic Post #037: Some Handy Information

Good news everyone! I stopped being lazy and finally decided to list all of the comics I’ve done on one page to make it easier for people to view them all! I’m going to start including a link to it at the start of each comic post now.

(It’s going to look something like this -> Go to Comic Archive )

It’s also going to be under the menu button on the top of the blog, so you can find it that way too. Anyway: New comic!

Comic 037A

I thought my work load from classes was going to lighten up just a tad… Boy was I wrong, and it’s partially my fault… I decided to do something really intensive for one of my classes as a project… A project which doesn’t require half as much effort as I am going to be putting into it… Because what I’m going to be doing involves drawing more comics: A BUTTLOAD of them! And none of which are going to be related to this comic… So if you see the updates for THIS comic slowing down over the next 3 weeks or so… It’s probably going to be because I got burned out working on other comics and I needed a break. Other than that and setting up an archive for the comics, I’ve got nothing else to say, so: I’ll see you next comic.


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