Comic Post #038: Hitting A Wall

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Comic 038A

Can we just take a moment to register the fact that Alex is willing to give life to something for the sole purpose of letting it feel pain?

On an unrelated note, next week for me is going to be crunch time for me… What with my portfolio being due then and everything… Thankfully, I have all the pieces I need… except the portfolio itself. Me, being incredibly broke, opted to do a digital one which I was going to build online myself (BECAUSE I KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT WEBSITE BUILDING…). That being said, I have not started it yet… And it’s due next Friday. I will say, if you’re ever in need of something to motivate you to do something: panic is a pretty good thing to start with. What does this mean for the comic? Like I always say: expect potential delays… Also, there, might be a distinct possibility that if I can’t get my site ready in time, I just post all the stuff I need to show onto the blog itself. ‘Cause that will look super duper professional…

Anyway, see you guys next comic…


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