Comic Post #039: A Shockingly Astounding Proposal

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Not to really spoil anything, but we’ve got another little “story arc” on our hands that will hopefully lead to so “exciting” developments…

Like seriously, I actually have a plan from where we are going with this one…

At any rate, my classes should be slowing down now, so I’m definitely going to be able to keep up with the updates. And, who knows? If this particular story arc ends up taking a while, I might speed up the update schedule to doing 2 comics a week (because I do think this one might take a while). Of course, if that did happen, it wouldn’t be a permanent thing… Not because I can’t handle doing 2 comics a week, but more because I know I can’t brainstorm ideas for comics that fast if they aren’t part of a longer little story chain.

Any who, that’s all I have to say, and I’ll see you next comic.


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