Comic Post #046: Killing The Competition

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To those who are easily offended by swearing… The next couple of comics are going to have a lot… So uh… Try not to get as offended I guess would be my advice.

Anywho, New Years is more or less here now, so I guess I should give a genuine “Happy New Year Everyone!” If you don’t feel it’s genuine enough. Sorry. This is only so much sincerity who can convey through text after all.

Now it’s time for me to get all nostalgic on you guys! I’m sure there are a lot of you who are unaware that I actually decided to start this web comic as part of my New Years resolution for 2015. And if you didn’t know that, you do now. So essentially, New Years does hold some place in my heart in regards to this comic. For so many years, I attempted resolutions and never really stuck with them. I was so proud of myself that I finally managed to do one this year, especially because I was able to get a story I’ve been coming up with for almost 8 years (I first came up with Night Fox in 10th grade and I’ve been slowly developing the world ever since) out onto the internet for the public to see. Sure… I’ve been progressing rather slowly with it. I’ve only got 14 followers at this point, and have really only gotten 2 comments for feedback over 10 months of having the comic up, but still, it was just enough for me to finally get the comic up. As part of my New Years resolution for 2016, I want Night Fox to reach more people. It’s always what I’ve wanted to do after all: tell an entertaining story that will reach a lot of people. Whether Night Fox can do that, I can’t say for sure. But for those of you who have been following the blog, and reading the comics, I’m really grateful for you guys. And if there are any of you out there who read the comic AND the rest of the posts that go with them, I’m even more grateful to you for taking time out of your day to listen to my inane babbling.

Basically, just thank you guys for being willing to follow this. Every time I get a like on something I posted here, it just makes my day. So again, thanks for all those likes you guys have slowly been leaving me (I’m up to 50 right now). And if it’s not too much to ask: Could you leave some feedback in the comments every once in a while, so I know how I could improve? And maybe tell someone you know about the comic, so it has a chance to grow and expand? It would be really cool if you did…

Anyways, that’s more or less what I had to say, so with that: 2015 is pretty much over now, and I will see you next comic, in 2016. Again, have a Happy New Years, and I hope you all enjoy yourselves.




Art Post – Happy Holidays

Holiday Group Shot.jpg

Well, here’s something I WAS planning on posting for Christmas… But it took a little longer than expected, so consider it a New Years picture instead. Which you know, shouldn’t be too hard considering there wasn’t any real Christmas imagery in it anyways…

Basically, it’s just a group shot of the “planned” cast of Night Fox all getting along in the snow and feeling good about their lives or something (Except Alex anyways, because let’s face it, why would he be happy around this many people?) that I felt like doing to kind of “show” I can draw a little bit better than what I do in the comics and all (Why am I admitting I hold back when I draw the comics? Because you guys should understand at this point that I. Am. Lazy… Also trying to put this level of effort into each panel is exhausting and would probably burn me out after about 2 weeks of trying to do updates on time). Now, what I mean by planned cast, is that if you’ve been paying any attention to the comics at all, you would notice 3 of these guys haven’t made appearances yet. At least for two of them (Alexis and Galin, look at their tags if you didn’t see the bios I did for them months ago), that is going to be remedied very soon (And by soon, I mean Alexis is going to be showing up in 2 comics after this post, and then Galin is showing up right after that one). As for the last one, the guy on the far right drinking the coffee… He’s not going to be in for a little while, so I guess I’ll just tell you who he is now. (I sort of screwed up the ordering of the comics, because his first intended appearance was going to be after Alex and Kitsiyuna dealt with Gervani… But I kind of decided to push that back temporarily and eventually got caught up doing more little “arcs” so he hasn’t gotten his chance to show up yet in the meantime.)

Anyways, his name is Owen Hanson. He runs a shop called Offworld Oddities that sells various weird oddities that Alex and Kitsiyuna buy some of their “supplies” from. He’s very eccentric. He wears sunglasses almost all the time. Because why not. And I’m thinking he might have a thing for coffee and other similar kinds of hot drinks. Not 100% certain on that yet, but we’ll see… Hopefully he’ll actually get to make his first in-comic appearance in 2016. Hopefully…

And there you have it: another post that’s just artwork, and not a comic. I know it’s been a while since I’ve really done that, so in the mean time I might try to do more of these in between comic updates. And speaking of comic updates, the next one is on schedule to probably go up tomorrow, or Thursday if I get REALLY lazy, so you can expect that one on time… Now because that still falls within 2015, I’m not going to be wishing you a happy new year yet. I don’t want say it now, then also say it alongside the comic (where it would make more sense to say it), because that would just be redundant. And I hate being redundant. Because it’s redundant. Redundantly redundant… So even though I did just technically say happy new year, I want you to ACT like it doesn’t count until next post. Act like it’s insincere, got it?

… I’m not hearing any back talk, so I think you got it…

And with that, I’ll see you next comic.

Comic Post #045: The Plotting Thickens

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This seems just a tad sinister… There’s no possible way this guy is going to do something to our heroes now is there…? (Spoiler alert: If you have ever seen ANY bit of fiction with SOME form of conflict in it before… you know exactly where this is going)

Also, my calendar is telling me it is almost Christmas… So, merry Christmas you guys… or something, you know… If you actually care about Christmas in any significant fashion… UNLIKE ME, who has been having more and more people joining my immediate family that I have to spend money on while having no job that it has gotten to the point I no longer feel the joy for this holiday… (Seriously, there’s my brother, my sister, my mom and dad, my step-mom, my grandparents, my brother-in-law, and now my 1 year old nephew… it’s too many…TOO MANY PEOPLE). It has honestly gotten to the point that I don’t even want to get anything for Christmas so I can feel less obligated to get other people stuff, because anything that I would really want at this point in my life is either A: too expensive, or B: something I would just rather buy for myself and not have to wait till the 25th to get… But that’s enough complaining about having to actually care about my loving family…

I’ll see you guys next post. (That’s right, I said post, because I’m thinking the next thing I stick on the blog is actually going to be something that’s NOT a comic… It’s been a REALLY long time since I last did that…)


Comic Post #043: Think Of The Children! Because I Won’t…

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Sorry for the bit of author filibustering here… It just that people with this kind of mentality irk me… A LOT. Like, don’t put it on other people to protect your kids from stuff YOU find harmful. Your supposed to be a parent, and it’s YOUR job to do that… Not anyone else’s… So yeah… If you have kids… Don’t be that parent. Nobody likes that parent. Probably not even that parent’s kid… Probably…

Anyways… Classes are now done for me… For this semester at least. Decided to a couple more, even though I figured this would be my last one… What can I say? When learning crap like website design, why not take the extra step and just learn how to get a web masters certification so that you can get a job that can be done from home in your underwear? Because isn’t that the American dream? Anywho, I suspect nothing is going to really change, schedule wise, so until things start to change up, I’ll keep you posted. And with that, I’ll see you next comic.


Comic Post #042: I Bet The Ghosts Did This…

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The word tape is now officially an onomatopoeia: SO I DECLARE AS OF THIS COMIC!

On an unrelated musing, I’ve noticed that I’ve been slower when it comes to getting the comics done. Usually I try to get it up Thursday or Friday, but I’ve been putting them off a lot until Saturday recently (which is basically my cut-off for when I consider a comic “missed”). And I think I know the reason why: I haven’t had any homework recently. You see, when I had a buttload of homework to get done earlier in the semester, I would always prioritize getting the comic done as fast as I could so I would still have time to get said homework done… Basically, the added pressure got me to stop procrastinating. Now, the semester is more or less done, and I’m pretty certain that I’m not going to need to do any more assignments outside of classes… Which means I’m going to get lazier with the updates again, I can practically FEEL IT. So, I think I’m going to try to move up my cutoff for when a comic is missed from Saturday to Friday. Hopefully that will motivate me more to working on the comic while out of classes, plus, with any luck: it will finally allow me to start having a consistent day where I post comic updates. Because I’ve been pretty bad about that, I’ve noticed…

Anyways, that’s more or less what I wanted to say, so I’ll see you guys next comic (which SHOULD be on Friday… should…)