Comic Post #042: I Bet The Ghosts Did This…

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The word tape is now officially an onomatopoeia: SO I DECLARE AS OF THIS COMIC!

On an unrelated musing, I’ve noticed that I’ve been slower when it comes to getting the comics done. Usually I try to get it up Thursday or Friday, but I’ve been putting them off a lot until Saturday recently (which is basically my cut-off for when I consider a comic “missed”). And I think I know the reason why: I haven’t had any homework recently. You see, when I had a buttload of homework to get done earlier in the semester, I would always prioritize getting the comic done as fast as I could so I would still have time to get said homework done… Basically, the added pressure got me to stop procrastinating. Now, the semester is more or less done, and I’m pretty certain that I’m not going to need to do any more assignments outside of classes… Which means I’m going to get lazier with the updates again, I can practically FEEL IT. So, I think I’m going to try to move up my cutoff for when a comic is missed from Saturday to Friday. Hopefully that will motivate me more to working on the comic while out of classes, plus, with any luck: it will finally allow me to start having a consistent day where I post comic updates. Because I’ve been pretty bad about that, I’ve noticed…

Anyways, that’s more or less what I wanted to say, so I’ll see you guys next comic (which SHOULD be on Friday… should…)


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