Comic Post #043: Think Of The Children! Because I Won’t…

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Sorry for the bit of author filibustering here… It just that people with this kind of mentality irk me… A LOT. Like, don’t put it on other people to protect your kids from stuff YOU find harmful. Your supposed to be a parent, and it’s YOUR job to do that… Not anyone else’s… So yeah… If you have kids… Don’t be that parent. Nobody likes that parent. Probably not even that parent’s kid… Probably…

Anyways… Classes are now done for me… For this semester at least. Decided to a couple more, even though I figured this would be my last one… What can I say? When learning crap like website design, why not take the extra step and just learn how to get a web masters certification so that you can get a job that can be done from home in your underwear? Because isn’t that the American dream? Anywho, I suspect nothing is going to really change, schedule wise, so until things start to change up, I’ll keep you posted. And with that, I’ll see you next comic.



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