Art Post – Happy Holidays

Holiday Group Shot.jpg

Well, here’s something I WAS planning on posting for Christmas… But it took a little longer than expected, so consider it a New Years picture instead. Which you know, shouldn’t be too hard considering there wasn’t any real Christmas imagery in it anyways…

Basically, it’s just a group shot of the “planned” cast of Night Fox all getting along in the snow and feeling good about their lives or something (Except Alex anyways, because let’s face it, why would he be happy around this many people?) that I felt like doing to kind of “show” I can draw a little bit better than what I do in the comics and all (Why am I admitting I hold back when I draw the comics? Because you guys should understand at this point that I. Am. Lazy… Also trying to put this level of effort into each panel is exhausting and would probably burn me out after about 2 weeks of trying to do updates on time). Now, what I mean by planned cast, is that if you’ve been paying any attention to the comics at all, you would notice 3 of these guys haven’t made appearances yet. At least for two of them (Alexis and Galin, look at their tags if you didn’t see the bios I did for them months ago), that is going to be remedied very soon (And by soon, I mean Alexis is going to be showing up in 2 comics after this post, and then Galin is showing up right after that one). As for the last one, the guy on the far right drinking the coffee… He’s not going to be in for a little while, so I guess I’ll just tell you who he is now. (I sort of screwed up the ordering of the comics, because his first intended appearance was going to be after Alex and Kitsiyuna dealt with Gervani… But I kind of decided to push that back temporarily and eventually got caught up doing more little “arcs” so he hasn’t gotten his chance to show up yet in the meantime.)

Anyways, his name is Owen Hanson. He runs a shop called Offworld Oddities that sells various weird oddities that Alex and Kitsiyuna buy some of their “supplies” from. He’s very eccentric. He wears sunglasses almost all the time. Because why not. And I’m thinking he might have a thing for coffee and other similar kinds of hot drinks. Not 100% certain on that yet, but we’ll see… Hopefully he’ll actually get to make his first in-comic appearance in 2016. Hopefully…

And there you have it: another post that’s just artwork, and not a comic. I know it’s been a while since I’ve really done that, so in the mean time I might try to do more of these in between comic updates. And speaking of comic updates, the next one is on schedule to probably go up tomorrow, or Thursday if I get REALLY lazy, so you can expect that one on time… Now because that still falls within 2015, I’m not going to be wishing you a happy new year yet. I don’t want say it now, then also say it alongside the comic (where it would make more sense to say it), because that would just be redundant. And I hate being redundant. Because it’s redundant. Redundantly redundant… So even though I did just technically say happy new year, I want you to ACT like it doesn’t count until next post. Act like it’s insincere, got it?

… I’m not hearing any back talk, so I think you got it…

And with that, I’ll see you next comic.


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