Comic Post #053: Let The Battle Begin! (Finally…)

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It’s finally happening people. The fight between Alex and Alexis is actual going to get started now after I meandered around on the story for about a month…

Anyways, I do have news. I will be changing the comic’s format, making it so that the panels are no longer uniform in size and set up, so I can make them as big as they need to be, at least for the fight coming up, because I’m thinking that will help things go faster. Basically, my current update rate is making this story arc DRAG ON AND ON, and I just want to finally get it closer to its conclusion. So, I’m planning on updating more than once a week. There’s going to be a caveat to this though: I’m probably going to intentionally let the comic’s art quality drop down a bit to facilitate me getting these comics done. I’m still going to be drawing in the same style, it’s just that I don’t plan on doing any clean up work or additional shading once I get the comic scanned in onto the computer. Essentially, I plan on uploading the comics when they’re done, and they’re going to be done whenever they’re going to be done, as I no longer have a set schedule for doing this. Just something for you guys to keep in mind. And, if after all that, the comic doesn’t really suffer too badly from the format change, I might just keep the new format. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now that that’s out of the way, the comic’s anniversary drawing is coming up on Saturday, so you can look forward to that I suppose. And with that, I’ll see you next post.


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