Comic Post #054: Alex vs Alexis Pg.21 (Final)

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This little sequence is finally over. I guess if it took around a month and a half to do, I guess you couldn’t really consider it a little sequence… Normally, I would’ve posted this on Tuesday, but given the fact that we ended up moving and didn’t have everything set up properly for a couple of days, I decided to postpone posting it for a little bit. Speaking of the move… The situation is kind of… Less favorable than my previous setup. I’ll maybe go into the specifics later…

Anywho, I’ve got a bit of slight bad news. Firstly, I’m going back to a single updates a week again for the most part. Also, I’m probably not going to post something for next week, as I haven’t really had an opportunity to write more scripts for the comic, and I want to give myself some time to get a decent amount written out. This arc has been taking a bit, but hopefully it won’t be dragging on for too much longer. At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.

(PS – I’m probably going to post all of the pages of the comic together in one post sometime next week so that the whole thing is easier to read through)


Comic Post #054: Alex vs Alexis Pg.20

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Just a quick FYI, the last page is probably going to be delayed until the end of next week on account of the move. Also, expect updates to slow down a bit again once the last page is posted (I need to actually write up the script for what happens next after all). I’ll let you know the specifics once I actually upload the last page. Anyways, I’ll see you next comic.

Comic Post #054: Alex vs Alexis Pg.16

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Well, the move out of my house is now officially happening, so expect the comic to slow down a little bit for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get this fight done before that becomes a big factor, which shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, considering I’m thinking there’s at most only going to be around 5 pages left based off of the length of the script I wrote out. At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.

(Also, apparently Alexis stopped bleeding in the 3rd to last panel for no other reason than to screw continuity I guess… I suppose that’s what happens when you try to edit these under a time crunch…)