Comic Post #057: Timeline Of Hatred

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I don’t really have too much to say this week other than that I feel like I need to be getting more sleep lately… Let’s just say, consistently going to bed at around midnight for 2 straight weeks while you are suffering from allergies that will keep you up for several hours is not a good recipe for a healthy sleep schedule… Then again, I spend most of my time with my ass glued to a chair as a stare vacant eyed at a computer screen, so what do I know about being healthy anyways? At any rate, I’ll see you next comic.


Comic Post #056: Off On Good Behavior

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Things are going to slow down just a little bit for the next couple of comics, so expect the pacing for them to be a little bit different. Also, expect some exposition as well, as I finally decided to just stick in the abridged versions of some of the characters backstories over the course of the next couple of comics because I haven’t gone over them yet in the comics, and I think it’s kind of silly that I haven’t really done so at this point. So, basically, we’re going to go back to having lots of dialogue… The one thing people who I know in real life who have read the comic say I have a bit too much of… But, with any luck, once I’m done introducing characters and telling the basics of their back stories, the following arcs I do in the future will hopefully be a lot better paced than this one has been turning out to be.

Anyways, nothing else to report, so I’ll see you next comic.

Comic Post #055: Undermine At Your Own Risk

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So I decided I’m keeping the new layout, because it allows me to do much longer comics, much easier. Also, I’m thinking I’m going to stop doing shading digitally, as it was just far too time consuming, and really didn’t improve the overall quality of the comic in my eyes. If I was to do shading, I would probably only be doing it by hand for the time being. That all being said, I’m going to try to put a little more effort in again when it comes to doing the drawings and backgrounds, as I’m going back to single weekly updates again, so I feel I can spend more time working on a single particular comic again. Granted, I didn’t try much harder for this week’s because I was kind of in a hurry doing this one, and in case you didn’t see… It’s a little bit longer than usual…

Any ways, onto what’s happening in my actual life, as I haven’t really brought that up at all the last 20 posts, and I kind of feel like saying what’s going on. I’ve more or less finished the move, (we just have a couple of things that we’ve had locked up in storage that we still need to get) into my new house with my mom, sister, and almost 2 year old nephew. And let me tell you, almost 2 year olds WILL GRATE ON YOUR NERVES with their constant crying over dumb things, especially if they’re not even your kid. I’m just glad he has a daycare he attends, so that I’m not around him all the freaking time, otherwise my productivity with this comic would REALLY start to tank… But enough complaining about my nephew who I’m sure I’ll actually learn to love when he’s capable of talking and learning all sorts of annoying and hilarious behaviors from me that will drive his mother insane, let’s go onto something positive. For instance: classes are over for me, so I can focus more on the comic, which is always nice. Bad news being of course, I decided to start playing the Disgaea series again (a game series notorious for eating hours away from your life), so all that extra time I get from not being in classes is probably going to get canceled out by me playing Alliance Of Vengeance. Oh well, that’s the world we live: a webcomic artist with too much time on his hand refuses to get more productive.. I mean, really? What can you do?

At any rate, we’re reaching the final 3rd of this ark, and I can not wait to get it concluded. BECAUSE STUFF MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN PLOTWISE! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!



I’ll see you next comic… Dood…


Comic Post #054: Alex vs Alexis (All Pages)

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For a bit of ease of reading, here are all of the pages to the fight in one post. If the page takes forever to load, you can use the link up above to the comic archive to just look at the pages individually, which I would suspect will load faster that way.

At any rate, my regular update schedule is back on starting next week, so expect single updates around Thursdays again for the next couple of weeks. (Though, next week’s update might be a little earlier than that, so I suppose you could look forward to that). Aside from that, I’ve got no other pertinent news right now, so  I’ll see you guys next comic.