Comic Post #056: Off On Good Behavior

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Things are going to slow down just a little bit for the next couple of comics, so expect the pacing for them to be a little bit different. Also, expect some exposition as well, as I finally decided to just stick in the abridged versions of some of the characters backstories over the course of the next couple of comics because I haven’t gone over them yet in the comics, and I think it’s kind of silly that I haven’t really done so at this point. So, basically, we’re going to go back to having lots of dialogue… The one thing people who I know in real life who have read the comic say I have a bit too much of… But, with any luck, once I’m done introducing characters and telling the basics of their back stories, the following arcs I do in the future will hopefully be a lot better paced than this one has been turning out to be.

Anyways, nothing else to report, so I’ll see you next comic.


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