Art Post – Night Fox Character Bio #7

Owen Semi-Color.jpg

It really has been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? Considering that he’s finally going to be showing up in the comic officially (next week’s update to be specific, as shoehorned an appearance it’s going to be), I figured it was time to give Owen his own official bio.

Name: Owen Hanson

Age: 29

Owen is the owner and proprietor of the shop Offworld Oddities, a sort of novelty shop that sells various goods, some mundane, some as far from mundane as you can get. While he normally just sells what can be generously be described as “conversation starters” to most normal people, those with a discerning eye might also notice that his shop is well stocked in magical equipment and oddities. His shop’s biggest customers are Alex and Kitsiyuna, who regularly order supplies from him. Given that a lot of his business partners are Spirits, the stuff that Night Fox does is relatively normal and mundane to him. Selling gear to Spirit Hunters is just another way for him to get money after all. As a result, he comes off as very eccentric to most of his “normal” customers, adding a veil of mystery to him. That, coupled with his nonplussed attitude towards everything lends him a sort of mystique that draws all sorts of customers to his shop, making what would be a rather unremarkable knick-knack shop in the middle of downtown Lunaridge into a much more successful business than it probably had any right to be. Using the many Spirits who supply him with his “occultic” goods as connections, Owen manages to pick up on lots of rumors and information. This allows him to act as a secondary informant to Alex and Kitsiyuna, giving the duo information on potential jobs that Angel and the Reapers might not know about.

Owen, obviously, is not without his quirks. He always wears sunglasses, even when at night or indoors, because, as he describes it “Is a family tradition”. He may or may not regularly wear a jacket that is secretly lined with bullet-proof Kevlar just because he likes to be “prepared” in case someone might one day shoot him. And he can almost always be seen carrying around a thermos that is filled with hot coffee, as he literally cannot function, in his own words, without it. He is also the youngest in his family, with 2 older brothers who are allegedly both very famous and successful. He has been on record as stating that he had the option to become as famous as both of them, but opted instead to open up an oddities shop instead, because it felt “more his speed”. Of course, he’s never told anyone who his brothers actually were as he would rather become successful on his own right instead of riding off of his brothers’ popularity in addition to dealing with all of the baggage that comes with having famous family members. Whether or not he’s fibbing about all that is something that Alex and Kitsiyuna have never quite been able to piece together. If you really wanted to be cute about, you could say that Owen really is an “oddity” himself.

We’re going to be getting to a point in the comic where some characters I held off on revealing earlier as they were sort of “spoilery” are going to be making in comic appearances soon. So, I guess you can probably expect a couple more bios in the future. Don’t worry though. They’re still going to be as vague in regards to plot specifics as possible though. Anyways, I’ll see you next post.



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