Comic Post #064: A Risque Unveiling

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You know how last week, I was making a big deal about how I might not be able to get this week’s comic done in time and that I might have to delay it to next week? Well, apparently I’m just a f***ing idiot who doesn’t know crap about how much free time I actually have… So here’s this week’s comic, on time, despite being slightly longer than normal…

Anyways, I decided it was about time that I explicitly stated in comic that Kitsiyuna has practically no memories from before she formed her Pact with Alex. I know I kind of went over that in her character bio, but it wouldn’t surprise me if most of you hadn’t read that. That being said, I never mentioned why she has amnesia in the first place. Now you know the reason why: because a shady cabal-like group captured her at some point in the past and forcibly extracted her memories alongside her powers in order to further their own mysterious agenda. What is their agenda? Well, you’re going to have to just wait and see… For a while probably, as I have no plans for a story arc currently that directly involves Wraith Cell right now (Though I have no problem putting up a bio for its leader sometime in the near future so that I can give more information about the group). Rest assured though, if I ever do get around to making a story arc that involves them, you know that that’s when s**t is going to go down…

And with all of that out of the way, I’ll see you guys next comic.


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