Night Fox – Comic Post #067: The Paper Spirit Pg.1

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Holy hell, did I front load the exposition on this one… Anyways, battle sequence #2 is now officially underway, and with any luck, should go by much quicker than the last one did. (I compared the lengths of the scripts, and this one is shorter by several pages) Hopefully it turns out a lot more smoothly as well (I also more or less wrote the whole script in one sitting which I did NOT do with the last one).

Anywho, for the uninitiated: this updates means I’ve switched gears again in terms of quality (from slightly trying to do backgrounds and computer editing, to doing almost none of that) in order to insure I can do more than one update a week until this fight is done. This would take months to complete otherwise if I went by my regular schedule. Lazy I know, but I don’t want to burn out half way through doing this.

Anyways, unless some pressing news comes up, I’m probably not going to be typing up much in the pages following this one. So I guess until then, you can expect me to pretty much just say: I’ll see you next comic.


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