Night Fox – Comic Post #070: Everything Turned Out Okay-ish

Not caught up on the comic yet? You can go visit the comic’s archive through this link here.


To those of you who don’t know what a furry is…

Where the hell have you been on the Internet for the past 15 or so years!?

Anyways, here’s another comic with characters just talking to one another. While certainly not as ambitious as those fight sequences I attempted doing, I still think comics like these are way more interesting to do in the long run of the comic. They give me a good chance to better show off characters’ personalities and how they interact with one another. Like in this one, I get a chance to explain why Kaz puts up with Alex’s shit: It gives him an opportunity to do something more in his relatively boring and mundane life. It’s here that I’m hoping that we’ll get to start seeing some character development in Kaz where he takes a more active role in helping out Alex and Kitsiyuna. I know what you’re thinking… character development in a work of fiction? YOU MAD MAN! NO ONE HAS EVER ATTEMPTED SUCH A THING AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE!

…So yeah, I like my stories to be character driven. I wouldn’t think that’s too big of a surprise at this point with how I’ve been handling the comic and its jokes up to this point. At any rate, I didn’t really have much news, other than I might have to suffer through a category 5 hurricane this week. The most recent tropical storm that hit my house did knock out my power for a day, and may have had a hand in killing off the monitor to my desktop (the next day after I got power back was when it started turning off on me repeatedly). Which is why, with this week’s update, I didn’t take any chances and got it ready to upload early. Whether or not the hurricane actually hits or does anything, has yet to be seen. I’m thinking the worst that’s going to happen to where I live is that it’s going to knock out power for a day again leaving me with nothing to do but to play solitaire to help slave off the boredom… If something does happen though, I’ll keep you posted. So until then, I’ll see you next comic.

(Link to the furry scale here for those of you who want a better look at it.)



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